dimanche 23 juin 2019

RENE de BAKKER: Our Gift (2019)

“The universe of Our Gift is a cross between that of Chris Franke, at the peak of his art, and Software with of course perfumes of Tangerine Dream and even of Jean-Michel Jarre” REVIEW HERE: Our Gift

CHRONIQUE ICI: Our Gift “L'univers de Our Gift est un croisement entre celui de Chris Franke, au sommet de son art, et Software avec bien sûr des parfums de Tangerine Dream et même de Jean-Michel Jarre” SYNTH & SEQUENCES.COM (Still under construction :-)

samedi 22 juin 2019

REMY: Planet of the ARPS (2019)

“A slow ambient beat which grows up until you get simply crazy and then explodes like the best moments of DSOTM! That's probably the best album in 2019 that we have here” 

REVIEW HERE: Planet of the Arps
CHRONIQUE ICI: Planet of the Arps


vendredi 21 juin 2019

PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE: Changing Images (2019)

“In a train which travels to Phaedra to nowadays, Changing Images proposes evolving sequencing soundscapes in a progressive Berlin School style”

REVIEW HERE: Changing Images

“À bord d'un train qui voyage de la gare Phaedra à aujourd'hui, Changing Images propose des paysages séquencés évolutifs dans un style Berlin School progressif”

CHRONIQUE ICI: Changing Images

dimanche 16 juin 2019

LAMBERT: Dimensions of Dreams (Remastered) (2019)

“This is a very good remaster that should please Lambert's fans and if you don't own this must-have post Berlin School jewel, it''s time to get Dimensions of Dreams”
1 Impetus 6:00
2 Trance Journey 13:47
3 Immersion 10:34
4 Translook 11:06
5 Train of Impressions 10:29
6 Distance 7:14
7 Maelstrom 5:28
8 Two Worlds 5:03
9 Yonohamo 3:43

10 Return 6:33
Spheric Music SMCD 1003 R (CD 79:58)

samedi 15 juin 2019

FRANK AYERS: Footnotes (2019)

“Footnotes is splendid journey through times where we find ourselves in the late 60' and early 70's with tones coming from different sci-fi themes or new synth music”
1 Tycho Conspiracy Part 1 5:32
2 Tycho Conspiracy Part 2 6:18
3 Down to Enceladus 8:05
4 The Love Capsule 3:26
5 Exit From Clark’s Belt 7:40
6 Tycho Conspiracy Part 3 6:51
7 The Clouds of Titan 5:08
8 Enter The Solar Winds 4:03

9 Fra Mauro 3:00
Frank Ayers Music (CD 50:08)