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samedi 5 octobre 2019

JOHAN TRONESTAM: Cosmic Drama (2019)

Johan Tronestam is one of the true values in Berlin School style of EM flavored of melodious approaches. From album to album, and since Far Away in 2012, the Swedish synthesist, who now lives in Finland on the Åland Islands, is doing things simple by offering a lively electronic music where the complexity in the structures is almost non-existent. The rhythms are steady with fine nuances that slightly modify them in a sober and efficient cosmic setting that is greatly influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre. Skillful in his way of creating rhythms, JT is just as much in his melodious structures that are copiously sprinkled of very good synth solos; the essence of EM. COSMIC DRAMA...

Johan Tronestam fait partie des valeurs sures en MÉ de style Berlin School aromatisée d'approches mélodieuses. D'album en album, et ce depuis Far Away en 2012, le synthésiste Suédois, il vit maintenant en Finlande sur les îles Åland, fait les choses simples en offrant une musique électronique vivante où la complexité dans les structures est quasiment inexistante. Les rythmes sont soutenus avec de fines nuances qui les modifient légèrement dans un décor cosmique sobre et efficace qui est grandement influencé par Jean-Michel Jarre. Habile dans sa façon de créer les rythmes, JT l'est tout autant dans ses structures mélodieuses qui sont copieusement arrosées de très bons solos de synthé; l'essence même de la MÉ. COSMIC DRAMA...


I sometimes get emails from EM artists to find out if I can write a review about their music. That's how I got this little thing to discover from a Croatian artist, Mario Rosando, if the world of Jean-Michel Jarre is needed from you. Released in 2014 on an independent label, AeroGRAPHIC...

Il m'arrive parfois de recevoir des courriels d'artistes en MÉ afin de savoir si je pouvais chroniquer leur musique. C'est ainsi que j'ai reçu ce petit truc à découvrir d'un artiste Croate, Mario Rosando, si l'univers de Jean-Michel Jarre vous interpelle. Réalisé en 2014 sur étiquette indépendante, AeroGRAPHIC...

KELLY DAVID: Meditation In Green (2019)

The name of Kelly David is more familiar to us since his collaboration with Steve Roach in the album The Long Night in 2014. Previously, I had heard Broken Voyage. A fascinating album, directed by Steve Roach, of ambient tribal music in a universe of samplings and long murmurs of drones or mournful and buzzing breaths. And it's a bit much the world of MEDITATION IN GREEN...

Le nom de Kelly David nous est plus familier depuis sa collaboration avec Steve Roach dans l'album The Long Night en 2014. Auparavant, j'avais entendu Broken Voyage. Un fascinant album, réalisé par Steve Roach, de musique tribale ambiante dans un univers d'échantillonnages de la nature et de longs murmures de drones ou de respirations lugubres et bourdonnantes. Et c'est un peu beaucoup l'univers de MEDITATION IN GREEN...

SAYER: In Search of Alfheim (2019)

We don't say no to a new adventure in tones from the American synthesist, Sayer. His energetic style is transposed from album to album with a rich sound that is constantly reinvented. Making of each album a something to hear. Built on the basis of a concept album, IN SEARCH OF ALFHEIM...

On ne dit pas non à une nouvelle aventure en sons du synthésiste américain, Sayer. Son style énergique se transpose d'album en album avec une richesse sonore qui se réinvente constamment. Faisant de chaque album un quelque chose à entendre. Construit sur la base d'un album concept, IN SEARCH OF ALFHEIM...

jeudi 26 septembre 2019

IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE: Nothing Left Behind (2019)

Hans-Dieter Schmidt is the sound engineer who mastered the very beautiful album of P'faun (Sp'roque) in 2018. It was also part of the duet Bridge To Imla project with Michael Brückner. He is also behind this new soundscape project called Imaginary Landscape, whose first album NOTHING LEFT BEHIND...

Hans-Dieter Schmidt est cet ingénieur de sons qui avait masterisé le très bel album de P'faun ‎(Sp'roque) en 2018. On le retrouvait aussi en duo avec Michael Brückner dans le projet Bridge To Imla. Il est aussi derrière ce nouveau projet de panoramas sonores intitulé Imaginary Landscape dont le premier album NOTHING LEFT BEHIND...

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Cargo is structured like an album that has no connection with what is usually heard in the world of soundtracks 

Cargo (OST) 2018 
Cargo est structuré comme un album qui n'a pas de lien avec ce qu'on entend habituellement dans l'univers des bandes-sonores Cargo (OST) 2018 (Version Française) 

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Dear readers and followers, I want to thank you warmly for this massive support of you in the evolution of my Blog Synth & Sequences. Unfortunatly, du to the fact that it has a lot of stuff and a long list of artist whose music is reviewed here, I have to move this Blog to a more convivial way to read it and to find reviews. So it's the main cause of why this Blog is switching for a real website.

Now SynthSequences will need a new way to search from you, but you will see the differences between it and this Blog Please take to time to dig it will continue to read here. But you will remark that reviews will diseapper and reappear on the new website. Allready, more than 235 reviews have been removed and put on my new website.

I hate to do this, but this site cost me an average of 500$ a year. This is the reason you see the Donate sign. It's not an obligation for anyone, and it will be remove once this amount is reached each year.

Thanks and advance and long live to Electronic Music :D

Sylvain Lupari

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SON OF OHM: Zeitgeist (2019)

“Another nice album from Son Of Ohm to whom one can't make a bad criticism. If not that he seems too comfortable in his comfort zone”

Zeitgeist (2019)

“Un autre bel album de Son Of Ohm à qui on ne peut rien reprocher. Si ce n'est qu'il est trop confortable dans sa zone de confort”

Zeitgeist (2019)