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STEVE ROACH: Structures From Silence; The 30th Anniversary Deluxe 3-CD Remastered Edition (2014)

“It's still a major work as much beautiful as the original, but with a better sonic envelope. Now you don't have no reasons to not having it”
Disc I
1 Reflections in Suspension 16:46
2 Quiet Friend 13:22
3 Structures from Silence 28:48
Disc II
4 Suspension 28:36
5 Reflection 30:24
Disc III
6 Beyond 32:11
7 Below 39:47

Projekt | PRO00302 (CD 189:59) *****
(Ambient harmonic and meditative EM)
There are albums that one says they are remastered. And there are other albums which are really, completely and absolutely remastered. This is the case with the last musical jewel from Projekt Records. It's in the mid 1984 that appeared this magnificent album of Steve Roach's meditative EM. It was a real upheaval. A tour de force while the genre started to be out of breath. “Structures From Silence” brought a new dimension to the ambient music by proposing long ambient tracks a bit livelier where the music followed an upward curve with fine harmonies which cooed like an enchanted music. Steve Roach also invented a new genre with a very meditative EM which poured its neurasthenic ambiences on tribal rhythms or fine sequenced momentums. You know all the good that I wrote on this grand work of Steve Roach. Thirty years later, “Structures From Silence” made new sound. And the result exceeds expectations. It's a real remastering work made from the analog tapes which were remixed in digital with the high definition 24-bit /96k technology. And the impact is simply staggering. We hear small details there, which ran out of space in the original work, and the musicality is more in depth. The sound spreads more reliefs, more colors. I have the impression that the stars tickle even more the edges of silence, I have the impression that the prisms of serenity are sparkling even more, I also have the impression that the synth pads throw more lights on the shadows of the silence while the translucent singings lines are a little more musical. Presented in its original artwork, “Structures From Silence; The 30th Anniversary Deluxe 3-CD Remastered Edition” proposes also two long complementary chapters on the structures of silence, both composed between 2013 and 2014.
"Suspension" and "Reflection" are making a long musical odyssey of which the aromas are very near the immersive amplitudes of the title-track.  We let ourselves fast absorbed by the enveloping synth layers which float and encircle us such as invisible caresses. We have the very silky feeling to navigate in a glass sarcophagus before being swallowed by translucent synth waves which glitter like anfractuous reflections. These oceanic throats lull us within some lengthened and sinuous submarines countercurrents, creating so a strange morphic ballet whose subtle passive crescendo evokes the silent drama of "Reflections in Suspension".
Steve Roach uses his minutes advisedly, adding throughout the 60 minutes of the CD 2 some fine sonic textures which sing smoothly, in order of not to wake the silence. "Beyond" and "Below" make also a long ambient work of 72 minutes this time. The approach is more cosmic, but the impact of serenity is present just as much. We have the feeling to be in the absolute emptiness with a powerful choir of winds which murmur some passive singings among which the vibrations and the waves of solitude are like shadows which caress the fragility of our most secret dreams.
Structures From Silence; The 30th Anniversary Deluxe 3-CD Remastered Edition” is a major work as much beautiful as the original, but with a better sonic envelope. The remastering work is simply magnificent and throws a veil of freshness on an album that the time will never have a hold on it. An immortal work in which
Steve Roach floods our ears of 120 minutes of additional music of which the crossings with his Immersion series are as well perceptible as justified. It's a go get that!

Sylvain Lupari (March 18th, 2014) &
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