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"With such a soundtrack we understand the enthusiasm of cinematographic industry producers for the music of Tangerine Dream"
1 Beach Theme 3:44
2 Dr. Destructo 3:21
3 Diamond Diary 10:51
4 Burning Bar 3:14
5 Beach Scene 6:48
6 Scrap Yard 4:42
7 Trap Feeling 3:00
8 Igneous 4:48

VIRGIN: 840 520-02 (CD 39:07)

It’s a little bit after the making of Tangram that TD embarked in the project of Michael Mann's movie soundtrack Thief. Contrary to Sorcerer the music was written while the movie was completed, facilitating the vision that the members of the Mandarin Dream could have of it. And, as the movie, the music is quite intense. More rock than electronics, Edgar's guitar prevails over synth strata which overhang constantly lively musical structures. Chris Franke experiments his sequencer by introducing some lines of rotary percussions which tumble down at high speed to enhance the rhythms of an unrealistic way as on "Diamond Diary", a classic among TD's classics.
Who doesn’t remember "Beach Theme"? A heavy, sensual and languorous track which strolls with casualness on a heart-rending synth which mixes its tones with Froese's six-strings. It’s a superb guitar which makes of "Beach Theme" a hymn for love, which is taken back with a more vicious guitar on "Beach Scene". "Dr Destructo" is just like the action scenes of the movie. A good rhythm speeded up on good guitar riffs and solos. "Diamond Diary" is a pure sequential jewel. Synth keys are floating in an atmospheric intro, while we hear by far a bass line which seems to roll. In fact it charges down like a train on railroads. The rhythm is livened up by a sequencer which tumbles down its rolling percussions on big riffs of Froese's guitar. The ambience is wild and highly charged. That’s the first sketch of Silver Scale and we have the impression to run in thick yoghurt so much the rhythms are crossing stillness moments in ebullition. In fact the rhythm is slowed by good dense synth layers, whereas the sequential line is always running in background. This is a great moment in EM hidden on a soundtrack. How about that? This is the beauty and magic of EM where unrealistic sound borders the most musical ones.
Franke’s sequencing pursues its movements on "Burning Bar", a slower track with a great synth, both symphonic and mocker, which reminds me of Peter Baumann's first solo works. It’s the kind of track that has something particular, something catchy. "Scrap Yard" pursues the sequential rhythm of "Diamond Diary" with Froese's madness on his guitars which overhang some very heavy symphonic layers. "Trap Feeling" leads us towards the only real atmospheric moment on Thief with a wrapping Mellotron synth which hardly moves its chords. More nervous and juicier, "Igneous" spins around on some slamming and vaporous percussions in a dark and slow universe with a tint of the Wild West, especially with the howlings of wolves lying in wait in a metallic darkness. It’s a track which will shake its ashes up until Exit.
With such a soundtrack we understand the enthusiasm of cinematographic industry producers for the music of 
Tangerine Dream. Curious and fascinated the members of the Dream are also very creative. They manage to give to the images a sound structure so realistic that it’s melting by magic at the sceneries and stories.
Sylvain Lupari (September 3rd, 2006 & Translated on May 29th, 2012)
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