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"The magic of Noir lives in the evolution of its three movements and is a must for dark ambient lovers"

1 Movement One 25:45
2 Movement Two 29:03
3 Movement Three 10:43
4 Dédier À Papathanassiou E. Vangelis; Movement One 5:20
5 Dédier À Papathanassiou E. Vangelis; Movement Two 4:56

SYNGATE: CD-R2152 (2009) (CD-R 75:47)

A wind coming from space blows dusts over the first seconds of "Movement One". It crosses a long earthly corridor before failing on the ice floes of oblivion, there where are ringing the carillons, banging the percussions and growling some long tortuous riffs which roam in this intro molded into supernatural. Some drones show their reverberations and float among the voices of galactic mermaids, electronic chirpings and cosmic serpentines which shell their tones and chords in an intense movement in suspension. Slowly the atmospheric flight of "Movement One" gets ready with nice synth waves rolling in a more and more cosmic ambiance. Welcome to Noir! Noir it’s the black! It’s also the first opus of Keller & Schonwalder dedicated to colors. An intensely atmospheric album. A cosmic and philharmonic ode à la Tomita (Kosmos) and Vangelis carried by synths which switch their solos for intense layers of morphic violins.
The more "Movement One" progresses and the more it goes deeper into an enchanting cosmic symphony with great tears of violin which float and surround reverberations became more and more poetic. It’s a slow cerebral waltz which chases away fears and rocks the soul of an infinite tenderness until the first rhythmic stammerings of "Movement Two". But the rhythm of this second cosmic musical act is constantly trapped by this dense atmospheric envelope which wraps the first two movements of Noir. It’s a static forged rhythm in electronic chirpings which hiccup and swirl in a strange finely jerky spiral, like a slow staccato whirlwind. It spins around in its furrows, amassing some tones and diverse percussions which roam in its winds without ever trying to amplify the pace. On the contrary, it lets oneself being fooled and be taking by the poetic approach of a wandering piano, shy pulsations and a synth with whistles which drag its cosmic melody in the winds of vocal breaths to implode of a slow stationary agony. These breaths become of iridescent mist and fog before taking back "Movement Two" in its profound cosmic sleep.
"Movement Three" continues Noir's reflection on rhythms and ambiences, such as proposed by Keller & Schonwalder. After two long ambient and atmospheric tracks, "Movement Three" penetrates into the minimalist spheres of the Berlin duet with a light and slow rhythm which leans on sober and methodical percussions of Bas B. Broekhuis. It’s a processional musical piece with drum rolls and its scattered cymbals jingles which ring among synths to breaths of angelic trumpets trumpeting in ethereal mists. Espousing the evolutionary rhythmic structures that the duet shapes marvellously since years, "Movement Three" follows a hopping curve with a beautiful line of piano drawing a soft melody which moves towards the droning fogs of "Dédier À Papathanassiou E. Vangelis; Movement One", a title which inhales the ambiences of "Noir; Movement One" but with a touch filled by the influences of the Greek magician, in particular towards the finale which is very melodious, while "Dédier À Papathanassiou E. Vangelis; Movement Two" brings us into the very abstract territories of Vangelis.
The magic of Noir lives in the evolution of its three movements. From atmospheric and purely ambient to static rhythms skipping in an implosion one to end with an evolutionary minimalist rhythmic approach, Noir does a nice synopsis of the various styles that made the mark of Detlev Keller and Mario Schonwalder since 1996. The synths are honeyed and draw oniric phases which embellish an album which is much more than a simple ambient album. It is an orchestral ode for spatial blackness which moves us closer to our inner soul as to the cosmic oblivion. It’s a must for Noir ambient lovers!

Sylvain Lupari (May 31th, 2012)
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  1. I prefer more lively, sequenced and pulsating electronic music rather than drone, but having been listening (and enjoying) this album for the last few weeks I can only say that it is a great piece of electronic music.
    The misty and foggy sounds you mentioned (smoky and jazzlike, I would say) make this music sound dark grey to me (rather than noir), but the original title, brief and concise, conveys the overall atmosphere and brings in the notion of the music put on that album really well.

    By the way, should not it be Detlef, instead of Detlev? Still, really interesting blog - I have just added it to my list of blogs.


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