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ELEMENT 4: T.N.T. (2007)

T.N.T. Intro| 2:41
Floorflower| 8:14
Silky Pieces| 7:56
Syncrider| 7:00
T.N.T.| 7:14
In the Wrong Club| 7:41
Fullmoon| 6:33
Elastic Beats| 10:08
Driven| 8:01
Fullmoon Remix| 5:44
T.N.T. Remix| 7:41

Explosive? Absolutely! You like it when it’s heavy? When that bangs and that the hairs in your ears vibrate in your eardrums? Here something that will intermingle them! T.N.T. is not simply a title chooses at random in order to throws dust in someone's eyes. No! It’s gunpowder for ears. It’s an album abounding of furious rhythms which gallop on tsitt-tsitt and boum-boum skilfully nuanced by a Uwe Saher in great shape. Beyond Moonbooter, Kraftwerk and other EM artists who make moderated techno, Element 4 bangs with strength a bit like Juno Reactor.
True that the intro is rather floating. An intro closer to Brainwork’s ecliptic atmospheres. But maybe it’s to better prepare our cardiac pulsations for a torrent of furious rhythms which take off as soon as the first pulsations of "Floorflower" can be heard. Heavy pulsations which hammer an unbridled intro and which are twinned to an undulating bass line to caustic reverberations. Hesitating between a syncopated rhythm or floating ambiances, "Floorflower"s intro matures its technoïd direction on ambivalent strata with waltzing harmonies. But a metallic serpentine slides above this hesitation, shaping the model of an explosive music on jerky sequences where tsitt-tsitt and cymbals of the same type are graft to synths streaming melodious vapours. A passage initiating a heavy techno filled of short morphic fragments which float universe of torrid dance floors. "Silky Pieces" continues in the same stride, while "Syncrider" and "Driven" are more of hypno-zombie techno style to turn pale Juno Reactor. With its curt hammerings to Kraftwerk whirlwinds (Trans Europe Express) "T.N.T." unwinds on a synth to nervous chords. Rhythmic pulsations adopt others to sucker tones on a wriggling line which surrounds a robotic techno structure to lunatic obsessive pulsations. It’s a track which is a bit less unbridled, quite as the melodious "In the Wrong Club", which offers a rhythm always so furious but on a more nuanced structure. A structure where harmonies and oscillating sequences go of pairs with heavy pulsations and a synth as psychedelic as stroboscopic. Pulsations accelerating on hypnotic tsitt-tsitt, "Fullmoon" waves on a strange bass line and a structure without precise rhythm. It’s a composite universe where percussions and robotics sound effects magnetize a lively structure on a very elastic bass. The Remix tempo is as much and always grooves on a bass to cawing reverberations. More wriggling and heavy, "Elastic Beats" offers also a rhythm all in nuance with a syncopated line girdling a structure which hesitates between a pure techno and a vaporous dance music. This is another nice track where the indecisive rhythm is stuffed with harmonious synths to catchy tunes.
With its 11 tracks which unwind with heaviness and its melodious instincts, a powerful album which addresses mainly to a public fond of techno and trance, but which can also pleased to a wider audience liking an EM strongly sequenced and lively. It’s a rather melodious opus where trance cohabits with synths to wrapping and harmonious strata, and this whatever the strength of percussions and syncopated sequential lines.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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Here's Element 4 Website, where you could hear some MP3 snippets:

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