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ELEMENT 4: Monotony in Motion (2010)

Clockwork| 7:37
Sunny Island (Element 4 Remix)| 7:34
Big Elephant| 7:53 
Deep Diving| 6:46
Motionless| 6:45 
Unusual Normality| 7:12
Stormland| 6:54
Frilly People| 6:24  
Caribbean Pearls| 8:18


After the explosive T.N.T. Uwe Saher undertakes a technoïd bend and leave the trance kind to embrace the dancing and joyful rhythms of house music. But no matter the styles, Monotony in Motion is a pure festival of minimalist techno. Up from its virtual stage, Uwe Saher swaps his Brainwork suit and puts a DJ one who gave as goal to stun his crowd. And he gets there. Monotony in Motion presents 9 tracks which are linked in fiery minimalist rhythms, where percussions play a dominating role. It’s more than 60 minutes of a furious music where dance festivals organizers would have an interest to throw an eye and all ears.
"Clockwork" begins this furious hour with a pulsating pace which is supported by a swarm of percussions. An intro which spreads all the arsenal of percussions that will feed Monotony in Motion and which fade in a resonant pulsation. Hypnotic boum-boum, tsitt-tsitt cymbals and keyboard riffs draws a tempo which gives the impression to run after its shade and that a beautiful sequential movement decorates with a good circular melody. Crystal clear arpeggios appear and over dimensioned this ascending melodious approach, which strange metallic gases accompany with the forms of hatched pads. A little as everywhere on Monotony in Motion, Uwe Saher stacks his rhythms with a surprising melodious approach based on beautiful sequencing which form the main axis of melodies, and great sound effects which add more depth to static rhythms. Rhythms which breathe with brief passages more atmospheric and which stretch among the 8 other tracks to rather similar structures. Subtly we deviate towards "Sunny Island (Element 4 Remix)" which borrows the same banging and rhythmic pulsations as "Clockwork", but with an airier and more festive melodious approach. Chords there are more nervous and flutter on a cadence which permutes discreetly towards a more accentuated rhythm while the synth draws beautiful breezes of trumpeters which float above the hopping riffs and pads. It’s a really catchy track of which the harmonious intensity increases with a progression which unblocks towards the tribal and festive percussions of "Big Elephant". A beautiful of bass line to elastic notes and synth riffs model a stubborn rhythm, interrupted by a procession of hatched sequences which pod its chords. The tempo is of lead and encircled by good sound effects which forge a stroboscopic belt on ingenious percussions, the key point of this 8th album from Element 4, and a humming bass line. "Deep Diving" pursues on the combination of hands banging, tsitt-tsitt cymbals, hypnotic pulsations and bass lines to the slow ascending curves which structure a minimalist rhythm. A rhythm which increases gradually on riffs and stationary pads where other notes are grafting and float in a hesitating harmonious shell. On a more fragmented tempo, "Deep Diving" accumulates shrill wild lines and bongo drum percussions which add more depth to this collection of percussions which are the bases of Monotony in Motion’s hypnotic rhythms. This and these indefatigable enchanting pulsations!
On "Motionless" we have the vague feeling that the tempo is more static, even if it’s always dresses by the same rhythmic elements. It’s a beat where keyboard riffs are more strewed and where their echoes get lost in the addition of metallic percussions which flit with a symmetry always so calculated. With its metallic tsitt-tsitt and chords which crisscross with hesitation, "Unusual Normality" is doubtless the least heavy track of Monotony in Motion. It’s a kind of rest for the ears just before that "Stormland" lands with its range of percussions which bicker with beautiful stereo effects to enter our ears. An incredibly heavy and ingenious track with a great fusion of reverberating pulsations, overflowing percussions and keyboard keys jumping nervously, "Stormland" is in perpetual movement and evolves by amassing superb crystalline arpeggios which cavort on an infernal pulsating and rhythmic structure. The finale is blasting and deviates all in strength towards the weighty hypnotic knockings of "Frilly People". A track where heavy resonant keys are grafting to thunderous pulsations and crisscross to furtive sequenced lines to create a beautiful harmonious blending. Lines which bloom to forge an unexpected melodious approach on a bed of stormy bangs-bangs and which forks off onto "Caribbean Pearls" and its so incisive rhythm where a so diversified melodious approach reigns and which make the wealth and the depth of Monotony in Motion.
Heavy, powerful, hypnotic and musical. These 4 qualifiers describe all the universe of rhythms and melodies which adorn Monotony in Motion. I am not really a fan of house, techno or trance. But there is always room in my ears for a music stuffed with things that catch and this last opus of Element 4 is filled of these. I like the subtleties and fluidities in permutations; Monotony in Motion is full of those. I like sequences, creative bass lines and percussions games; it’s the essence of Monotony in Motion, a rather surprising album which shows that tsitt-tsitt and bang-bang can be as well melodious as deafening.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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