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PAUL NAGLE: Beyond E-Ville (2011)

Paul Nagle is among this category of artists which create an EM with alternate and evolutionary rhythms, where soft techno is crossing harmoniously the England School (which is more hard than Berlin School) style, covered by a rich sound fauna as much diversified as incredible. Beyond E-Ville is a pleasant surprise, it’s been a long time since we heard Paul Nagle in a solo project. We have to go back until the days of Red Book / Blue Book (2000) to heard an original solo work from this chameleon of the English EM scene which embraced several styles with so many groups or duets (Joint Intelligence Committee, CosmicSmokers, Headshock, Binar, Spank the Dark Monkey and more recently Ideation in 2009). It’s within the framework of the annual English festival of EM, Awakenings presented on March 19th, 2011, that this very avant-gardist musician and superb composer got out of his den to use his new machine, the sequencer Sequentix Cirklon, which controls several synths while freeing an audacious sound flora on multiple sequences to very rich and diversified paces. Beyond E-Ville is a long improvisation of 56 minutes, divided into 5 parts, based on short pattern in which Paul Nagle worked for some time. And the result is surprising of vivacity and cohesion with rhythms in constant evolutions and subtle permutations to which are tied, as usual, wonderful melodies. It’s an album difficult to describe so much it is rich in musicality and rhythms but which is amply worth the price of its download.
"E-Ville" begins with long caustic winds to hybrid tones and imprint of twisted reverberations. Already we are in the Paul Nagle's sound jungle. A little as in an abandoned city where reign vestiges and desolations with an ambient intro fed by a heterogeneous musical fauna; heavy metallic knockings, shrill synthesized impulses, analog sound effects, howling, crystalline serpentines, apocalyptic wails and reverberations of all kinds become entangled among a light carillon to crystal clear chimes which clash of this glaucous universe. A deaf rhythm emerges to pound and wave nervously of a syncopated line which crosses the doors of an industrial zone beneath synth striations, dement yelling and shimmering tinkles which draw a curious musical paradox. The rhythm increases its pace with jerky oscillations which pulse under intense mellotron layers to hatch of a brief melodious limpidity fed by criss-crossed sequences, hypnotic pulsation and keyboard keys which revolve with uncertainty on a rhythmic structure always in formation. A great sequence breaks away and pounds a persevering rhythm, supported by percussions / pulsations and tschitt tschitt cymbals which are leaking away on unctuous mellotron waves. Navigating between England School and soft techno, "E-Ville" flies of its agile sequences, drawing a superb melodious line among deaf oscillations of a minimalist sequence to ascendant and circular movement which swirls in a strongly melodious and lively whirlwind, breathing an odd cheerfulness in a slightly crazy dark universe. "MoogyLan BogeyMan" gets free from the silvered dust of "E-Ville" finale with a slightly jerky tempo which pulses below metallic thunders and orderly cymbals. A strange sequence offering curious hybrid and multi-form chords spreads an inbreeding rhythm where everything looks alike without really creating uniformity. It’s a rhythm peppered of sequences bursting constantly, as popcorns, of which the harmony is drawn with piano notes strolling on booming thunders. Little by little this tempo finds a kind of cohesion to slide straightaway in a complete disharmony where scattered and solitary piano notes try to create a harmony to get stubborn at the end in a galloping sprint on a minimalist axis. "Spybot" is Beyond E-Ville jewel and, as "E-Ville", it tarts in an atmosphere in fusion with a multitude of composite tones from where escape strange mutterings among synth shrill blows. Piano notes swirl nervously to awaken a feverish sequence which waves with weightiness before stumbling over giant hands clapping and heavy sequenced pulsation which mould a bit soft techno pace. "Spybot" undulates in a great crumbled rhythm where hybrid sequences dance and spin in an incohesion of a progressive jazz, surrounded by nice twisted solos, to end its dislocated race in notes of a piano free of any constraints which dances and sings underneath the rubbles of an electronic city.
"Erksome" brings us in another level with a very nice melodious intro à la David Wright where sparkle fine arpeggios among dark choruses. At once soft and jerky the rhythm of "Erksome" evolves snidely on a strummed and ascendant structure. This piano line winds "Erksome" progression of which the approach permutes subtly with percussions tracing a steady rhythm where the piano dances in circle in the middle of a structure which changes again of a more resounding approach to be metamorphosed into tom-toms under great mellotron layers. And so goes Paul Nagle's musical universe; cohesion in incoherence where melodies are the cradle of a strange madness without limits. At once perceptible and imperceptible, the music of Nagle evolves in a context quite often harmonious but in a paradoxical universe in the sensibility of his harmonies. Here, the piano is sublime and uncovers a wonderful melody with crystal clear notes which melt in the ears while being surrounded of sumptuous mellotron pads whereas percussions hammer against the stream under these pads and that a hatched and syncopated line takes away the melody from it, deviating "Erksome" towards a static techno. It’s a great track which grows on a bipolar structure, as each of Beyond E-Ville’s tracks. The metallic vapours which plough "Dirkness" introduction are flying away on an almighty technoïd rhythm waving wildly nearby a brilliant sequential line fed by jingles and arrhythmic strikes to hammer and strum a frenzied tempo which sticks to a heavy syncopated line spinning at high speed. Curt and jerky rhythms girdle a static movement that undisciplined percussions harpoon from everywhere, getting "Dirkness" out of its technoïd statism but feeding it of an intense musical schizophrenia that only Paul Nagle possesses the unique touch because we are in full land of Binar, Spank the Dark Monkey and Joint Intelligence Committee but with much more fury and mordant.
Strange because of its curious schizoid fauna and as much unexpected with its strength and constant rhythms evolutions, Beyond E-Ville is as much melodious as enchanting with its sequences and minimalist pulsations. It’s a powerful, imaginative and magnetic opus filled of torn, unbridled and unchained rhythms which evolve on unstable structures but where melodies always find their ways in the direction of our feelings. No, Paul Nagle didn’t lose his touch and concocted us a powerful album in the height of his skill and the immoderation of his imagination. This is an album that I strongly recommend and which is getting away from the alternative paths of the England School style nevertheless recognized for its audacity. Beyond E-Ville is available via the BandCamp download website at this address:

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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  1. Fantastic music, i wouldnt have got this if you didnt review it, Sylvain you did a fantastic job and you are right, i love this album, im digging it.

  2. I am grateful for your stunning interpretation Sylvain, you've gone to places none have gone before in your comprehension. My thanks,


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