mercredi 24 août 2011

OZONE PLAYER: Orange Apples (2008)

Ouf! It’s not easy to tame Otso Pakarinen’s music, the man behind Ozone Player. We are dealing here with raw industrial electronic, without compromises or borders and especially without niceties. That’s a kind of electronic prog which tastes like King Crimson and has a musical fragrance which is bordering the madness of Frank Zappa, with touches of an outlaw jazz in a strange anti musical context. And yet we finish by humming some pieces here and there and appreciate the ingeniousness of the Finnish musician as we go along this astonishing album.
Metallic minimalisms waves, where shouts mould to a corrosive synth, open "Extrasensory Deprivation". Drums and cymbals activate in a noisy universe before melting in a furious rhythm. It’s a dance of hyperactive zombies in a cacophony which is honeyed attractive. And that’s the keyword for Orange Apples. In spite of the intense sound abstraction, filled of superb arrangements which surround Ozone Player’s 5th opus, we are marvel to be charmed by such a heterogeneous musical melodious mosaic as we find on the title track and its unbridled jazzy atmosphere from dark clubs. Moreover the approach of a jazz intermingling to electro prog is omnipresent on Orange Apples. In addition to "Orange Apples", "Book of Worms" and "Dog-Matic" pull the strings of an audacious jazz where keys and heavy bass converge towards the harmonies of the 30’s. "Animal Pharm" is soft track which borrows the Middle East tribal rhythms with a Tibetan approach on a smoothing background which is a delicious paradox adorned by a nice sax. Fans of Universe Zero and Art Zoyd will be in known ground, especially with "Infer No 21" which is embellishing by a great guitar solo.
Random rhythms in a wooden loudness, "Lemons and Lizards" pursues this very Tibetan tribal quest in a King Crimson approach. It’s as much provocative as curiously charming, just like "Apocalypso Yo-Yo", though more funky with its vocoder. Another track with great progressive savour which crosses Genesis’ harmonies on Zappa deviances is "Escape Goat" which soaks in a progressive funk initiates by a heavy hemming bass. Spasmodic lullaby where the piano is muffled in the scrapers of aggressive riffs that should make Jimmy Page goes pale; "Two Completely Unprepared Pianos under Attack" represents the melodious paradox which surrounds Orange Apples. If the guitar bites the superb softness of the piano, it also lays down superb melodious bits in a musical jumble to perverse arrangements before concluding with a subtle harmonious blend of piano/guitar. "A Turtle's Diary Turtle" twirls the universe of Mike Oldfield by its minimalist piano and soft arrangements. It’s a very beautiful musical piece, quite as "Helsinki" which ends this daring opus with an intro built by a nice piano and acoustic guitar as serene as romantic. A nice track which progresses with harmony on a charmer synth that breaks his melody on good percussions and wavy synth. The intensity gains with beautiful vocalizes which intermingle with an electric six-strings in a noisy moment of madness before regaining the melodious minimalism movement of its intro. A pearl among so many in an audacious musical world which is absolutely worth the try, that’s Orange Apples’ story.


Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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