lundi 1 août 2011

FRED YARGUI: Time to Dream (Best Of 2008-2011)

Time to Dream is a foretaste of what comes and what there was for Frédéric Yargui. It’s a flyby of a very promising career already furnished by3 albums which are available as digital download on MusicZeit. Time to Dream is a kind of compilation pulled out of Unsorted Pictures and Berlin Experiment albums with 2 new tracks of which 1 (Time to Dream) appear on the next French synthesist opus; Underground Scapes. Once again we find this touch of inspiration here resulting from the Berlin School style but with a more ambient direction with the epic track "Time to Dream".
"Virgin Sand Fool (Remaster Edit Version)" begins with percussions of which steady beatings mould a curt and languishing rhythm. Keyboard riffs pulses towards these drum strikes whereas a superb mellotron calms down the ardour of a rhythm at first wild with a slow waltzing fall. Symmetric guitar riffs add a bigger rhythmic depth while synth layers as much blazing as violin run-ups increase the oniric portion of "Virgin Sand Fool (Remaster Edit Version)" among which fine sequences which wave in background inspire us a very TD ambiance of the 86’s years or Franke first solo works. It’s a very nice track and a pure wonder that was composed in the same stride of Berlin Experiment. As much melodious as delicate, "Unsorted Pictures" opens with twinkling arpeggios of which the echo floats with fine reverberating circles. The innate sense of rhythm is very well sharpened on Yargui who skilfully measures this soft electronic melody with sober percussions and suave synth solos which wind harmoniously to a soft slightly groovy rhythm. "After A Day’s Work ", as well as "Clayton’s Serenity ", are 2 excellent tracks of Berlin Experiment that we find on Time to Dream. Remixes give more relief while updating a musical structure that was already well done and don’t modify at all the wonderful harmonious structures of these 2 tracks. Another track from Unsorted Pictures, "Mad Bird" is an exploding track where the rhythm swirls on sequences with nervous criss-crossed lines. Hybrid, multiple and undisciplined, sequences abound on a rhythm which espouse a kind of soft techno with a slightly syncopated structure where a very lyrical synth frees a sweet melody strewed with short enchanting cosmic winds. "Time to Dream" is a long ambient track which begins with a superb introduction with oblongs synth white winds as orchestral as spectral. Some sinuous waves float in a slow twisted ballet where resonant implosions remind Tangerine Dream's Silver Scale run-ups. But there are no rhythms. Synth lines undulate in a morphic, embracing the soft cosmic breezes of Jarre to deviate towards more caustic paths à la Schulze and his sidereal storm of Irrlicht and finally flirting with several variations in atonal sphere. Fred Yargui shows all of his potential by attacking a very long track by which the evolution follows a logical tangent. "Time to Dream" is a long exercise in style where ambient and experimental converge towards deaf implosions but always by following a constancy in emotion the aimed target with superb synth layers at once ethereal, classical (Tomita) and morphic to effectively bring us near the dream.
Time to Dream is between Berlin Experiment and the French synthesist next album, which will clearly be more ambient. Those who liked Berlin Experiment will be enchanted by the rhythmic tracks which accompany those already present on Berlin Experiment. For those who like ambient, the title track is a delight which is drinking in all ponds known of ambient EM. A kind of anthological track in some way! This album is available directly from the artist’s email:

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream

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