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WINTHERSTORMER: Electric Fairytales (2008)

With Electric Fairytales, WintherStormer redefines the very hermetic and impenetrable style of Woodwork. Recorded live, but in a studio recording, this 2nd opus of the Norwegian quartet offers this tortuous and progressive approach that charmed so much ears fond of sonorous curiosities, but with an approach closer of Berlin School roots. It’s resulting in an album still difficult to tame, but a bit less than its predecessor. A superb musical excursion that allies the Krautrock complexities to the atmospheric escapades of EM, but with a zest of musicality tinted with a sensibility which was piercingly lacking on Woodwork.
Noises, heterogeneous sound, rolling in waves in a cosmos sparkling of sounds limpidity open Cucumber Salad. It’s an intro high in acoustic colors which unlocks on a heavy sequence to eroded hesitations. A sequence which hiccups a tempo with chaotic undulations, wrapped of a beautiful fluty mellotron and vaporous keyboard keys which recall the musical years of Tangerine Dream. Once these 3 first minutes gone, Cucumber Salad takes a more accessible musical direction, while maintaining its aura of complexity where a rhythm is skipping nervously and measures beautiful mellotron pads which float around the lamentations of an electric guitar and twisted synth solos. Odes at once spectral and attractive which sail in shady waters, purified by moments of nice vaporous stratums which sometimes ease and sometimes illuminate this pace built in abrupt and random beats. For the Love of all Things Electronic present another side of WintherStormer. A WintherStormer clearly more musical and poetic which spreads beautiful ethereal layers from which oniric sounds waltz around soft pulsations which shape a thin languishing pace. An impromptu sensuality which is taking refuge in soft waves à la Göttsching guitar, from which solos glides among a cadence a bit accentuated by the striking of a heavy drum and encircled by reverberating circles, bringing a surrealist touch to a beautiful music inspiring for making love.
Rising Ashes intro is plunging us again into the very psychedelic and multicolored musical universe of WintherStormer with an elongated intro where cosmic tones flood in with an acuteness worthy of an anarchical world. At around the 7th minute, a soft pace pierces this oxidized din to mold a nervous rhythm which rests on good percussions, a strong bass structure and a fusion guitar / synth which explodes a ferocity equal to the hammerings of a more and more punctuated drum that’s getting solidarity of this rhythmic which becomes more and more furious. This psychedelic heaviness crosses less ardent corridors where steams of ethereal Berlin School moderate the aggressiveness of a structure which spreads its striking to the heterogeneous meanders of its intro. It’s a heavy and long track, faithful to Woodwork frame, which pursues its sound imprints on the title track which is a fusion of noises and diverse tones shaping brief musical inserts in a rebellious sound universe.
Electric Fairytales shows the commitment of WintherStormer for music without borders and identities. Music which oscillates between some very daring psychedelic moments and beautiful electronic passages that are situated in the era of Schulze and Ashra Tempel. It’s an album where the creative paradoxes swim contrary to the harmonious poles, but which is taming a little better than Woodwork. For very curious and risky ears!


Sylvain Lupari (2010)
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