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TANGERINE DREAM: Booster IV (2011)

Was Booster IV necessary? Booster IV follows a lean year where the Eastgate factory seems to tick over. In 2010, Eastgate (or Tangerine Dream or Edgar Froese) produced 9 albums and 1 DVD, but only 1 original album (The Endless Season) and 1Mini Cupdisc (Zeitgeist) which already contains 2 new mixes and one interpretation of a Beatles song. The other 8albums are albums in concert (Izu and Zeitgeist concerts), compilations, cover versions (Under Cover-Chapter One) and DM V which was remixed by Jerome Froese. Thus, admit that the sauce was very crystal clear to explain the need of a Booster. But we have to believe that year in, year out Eastgate Froese seems to be missing small change.CD 1 begins with a new version of "A Streetcar Named Desire ", with a Mellow Tyre Mix (hic!) where rhythms are alike but intonations differ. Nothing very original here, that’s TD’s last years’ familiar sounds. But that kicks out quite well this new compilation which, needs to be honest, is just honest. Follows a version in concert of "Alchemy of the Heart", one of the good tracks coming out of the Franke, Froese and Haslinger era. And I got to say that I quite enjoy this live interpretation made by this new version of the Dream. "Culpa Levis 2010 "? Can't stand it! I am not capable to stand this rhythm totally deprived of mordant and which leaves room to soulless tribal vocalizes. "Warhol’s New York Walk" is a new composition and it’s sounds exactly as some good old Froese but without the complex searches. It’s a nice e-ballad which brings us back at the time of Pinnacles, quite as "Thorns from Heaven" which has more character with beautiful rhythmic arrangements. "Dominion 2010" got to be one of the worse interpretations that TD ever made from one of their tracks. There’s a lack of imagination and conviction on this remake. What a shame! "A Snail’s Dream" is another new one which goes straight into rhythm on a synth hooked on the same refrain. I prefer the 2nd part which has more punch but which really brings nothing new in the discography of the Dream. Idem for "The Lion of the Law" who is a languishing ballad with melancholic guitar solos roaring on a pace which goes by increasing, while the last new track ("Artic Sunrise") is doing on a ballad which leans on delicate riffs of guitars and synths, fine percussions and chords as light as those synthesized vocalizes. An aspect where Edgar misses definitively dexterity, except for "Solution of all Problems (Think Pink Mix)'' which came out of Madcap Flaming Duty but presented here without vocals. It’s very moving and dark and a nice track which strengthens my opinion on this album. If you still don’t have the excellent Mini Cupdisc Purple Diluvial (which is OOP) this Booster gives you the chance to repair this grave omission because it’s a splendid musical jewel and the 3 tracks on it (" Babylon the Great Has Fallen ", " Armageddon In The Rose Garden Part II " and "Purple Diluvial") are on Booster IV, but with a new version for the title track.
When I’m talking about a band which looks for itself and, sometimes, misses cruelly of imagination "Mombasa (Tuareg Remix)" is the striking example. Taken from DM V, the musical structure of this track is nevertheless full of potential but Edgar, as Jerome, will never manage to blast off these static rhythms which go round in circles... around a synthesized voice. Placed here, "Zulu" seems to possess more charm and its bass and undulating sequences sound really better in this context that on the Zeitgeist Mini Cupdisc, except that in a long run it’s flat and boring. Please, give a little juice of arm my dear Edgar! Hum...I love this new version of "Going West 2009 ". It’s wilder and much nuanced at the same time. This version played in concert in Japan (Live Izu 2009) shows that the Baumann, Franke and Froese trio was really ahead of its time. The acoustic guitar makes contrast to Linda Spa's flutes and I find that it gives a quite new depth. I know that some hated … With its tinted approach with a strong melancholy and a pain to survive coming from his guitar shrill of lamentations on a soft slightly wave-like tempo, "Devotion" is one of The Endless Season's beautiful track, quite as "Breaching Sky" which is on the other hand more nervous. "Long Island Sunset on 2010 "? Can’t stand either! ''Paddington at Five" from Flame is always so frustrating. We have the feeling to go round in circles there. It seems to me that all the ingredients are there to make it an explosive track. This version of "Purple Diluvial" seems to me wilder with abrupt rhythmic changes and more nervous sequences. The differences are small but considerable. Both versions equal because they possess the same structures and modulations.
Lean years give a so-so compilation and Booster IV is less honest than the quality of its tracks. It seems to me that Edgar, or Eastgate, should have wait another year or even 2 years. But the damage is done, needs to be flatter and to find reasons for being there. The complete insertion of Purple Diluvial is a sensible and respectful choice for the fans that were not lucky to get this excellent mini CD. The Endless Season's tracks are also a good choice whatever I would also having chosen Virtue of Hope or The Seven Barriers instead of remixes of A Streetcar Named Desire or Dominion 2010 or Long Island Sunset 2010. That would have been different, while respecting Booster’s precepts. By the way, do they exist? In fact, all the possibilities are probable so much there are holes badly filled on these compilations which years after years are looking for a reason to being other than to make some cash. Not evident the world of Eastgate … No, not evident!


Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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