lundi 25 juillet 2011

TANGERINE DREAM: Booster II (2008)

If Booster Vol. I disappointed me a bit; this 2nd try from Eastgate has the merit to offer a more intensified music on 2 CD almost fill up in time with a good track selection which, on the other hand, is supported on a false advertising representation. On Eastgate website it’s writing that this latest compilation from TD contains 8 unreleased tracks and unpublished remixes. Obviously if we don’t possess all the latest works from Tangerine Dream we can go for it and believe this promotional lie, because Booster Vol. II contains only 3 original tracks and 2 unedited remixes on a grand total of 20 tracks. Tracks which mainly come from recent albums such as; One Times One ("Modesty and Greed" and "Sadness of Echnaton Losing the World Child"), Autumn in Hiroshima ("Oracular World" and "Trauma"), Fallen Angels ("Angel in Barbed Wire Robe"), Views from has Red Train ("Hunter Shot by has Yellow Rabbit" and "Fire on the Mountain"), Hyperborea 2008 ("No-man's-land") and Anthology Decades ("Boat to Mocked", "Exit to Heaven" and" Huckebee’s Dream").
"Cloudburst Flight 2008" is among new tracks but not "Scrapyard 2008"! Try to understand something on Eastgate management! However these 2 new versions are more rock, with good guitars and synth solos in a Froesian ambiance. "A Streetcar Named Desire" is a real new think. It’s a track in the purest TDI mood which starts with an ethereal wave floating on a bass as discreet as choruses. The movement is livening up on a keyboard with flickering chords. The percussions come along and we are in the mould of the 90-00 years with the touch of Iris Camaa. Nothing very new there, it’s TD of what could be more simplistic and even Edgar seems to sweat behind his guitar. Another new track is "The Last Wave". It’s a pretty good one with a beautiful sequenced percussions play, encircled of nice wrapping strata and these damned insipid choirs that Edgar lugs everywhere on a tempo which crescendes with many feelings. Another new one? "Desert Dream" is classified as unreleased material when in fact it’s an extract of Monolith from Encore which was also on Tangent. Argh....
We have to wait until "La Boca Race" to really put something new in our ears. Another very Froesian track that smell the Pinnacles/Stuntman era with a nervous synth and mad sequencing which spins in wide loops. And yes... always those damn choirs. But I got to say that it’s quite a great track that will amaze more than one, quite as "Tomorrow Never Knows" reworked by Thorsten Quaeschning. "Sunshift" is another unreleased track which seems to be coming out of the Hiroshima project with its morphic approach which grows on a nervous sequence but surrounded with very pronounced chorus. "Beyond the Cottage and the Lake" is a superb melody which goes out of Legend mould. One would almost believe to hear a remix.
Don’t get me wrong here; Booster Vol. II is a nice and good compilation. If you possess everything from TD, it’s still worth it because certain new tracks and remixes are very good. And I got to say that the tracks selection is quite thoughtful and I also like a lot the versions of "Cloudburst Flight" and "Scrapyard". We doubtless find there good moments of TD from the 2007 and 2008 eras (Yep...) annexed to other tracks from an imprecise period. It’s heavier and more rock electronic with good arrangements. In fact there is really no weakness on Booster Vol. II except at the level of the marketing... which is a big lie.

Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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