lundi 25 juillet 2011

TANGERINE DREAM: Booster (2007)

Another TD compilation! And is it really necessary to talk about it? I think so, because Booster is a different collection that TDI (or is it rather K-Tel?) is used to offering. A 2CD that has certain charms for Tangerine Dream collectors. And God knows that there at least 500 or 600, maybe more...But enough kidding and let’s talk about that double set compilation rather short on time because there is enough room for more material, at least 40 minutes empty to put more of Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore, Space Flight Orange, 40 Years Roadmap To Music or Metaphor.But I guess that’s the way it works when greediness takes over rational. It gives compilations that have all the appearances of traps for idiots.
With Booster we are far from being in the kingdom of great music. It’s pure contemporary TD; cold, acid and devoid of sound creativity. Edgar is definitively the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of contemporary e-music, because there is a whole world of difference between both opuses of Nagasaki, these EP on this compilation, the remixes as well as the new tracks which seem to be created on artificial feelings. We find 3 out of print EP which are sold at high price on Ebay; One Night in Space, Bells of Accra and Sleeping Watches Snoring In Silence. We also have extracts of Metaphor, 40 Years Roadmap to Music, Space Flight Orange, Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore, remixes and 2 new tracks that aren’t absolutely worth the spending.
Of course, those who have all these EP are also targeting be Eastgate which considers them as compulsive buyers with this advertising: "Of course you will hear music you've probably heard before -- no-one forces you to stress your credit card again! :-). But for some of you it will become a collector's item as a pack of tracks which definitely will become 'classics' out of the first decade of the new musical Century. The first 200 CDs will come with a signed card by Edgar Froese himself." Hum … Genius as advertising stratagem. So, are TD hard fans and collectors innocents and simpletons? According to Eastgate promotional citation, it looks like it.
As new releases we find "All Thirsty Angels Pass" and "World Away From Gagaland", 2 tracks to soft structures and very New Age which have nothing to do with the heavy rhythmics to technoïd tendencies that the Dream is pushing in our ears with track as "Lady Monk"."Big Sur and the Orange from Hieronymus Bosch" can be interesting if Goblins Club or Tyranny of Beauty had an effect on you. It’s a nice track but which doesn’t brings anything new in TD’s world with light rhythm and felted guitar. Logos is slightly modified with more hammering percussions while Tangram (Chin Part) would have made it on any Dream Mixes. On the other hand if you don’t have any of those EP, I think that the purchase of Booster can be a good thing, because there are good tracks as Bells of Accra, where Edgar finds a breath of creativity, Hyper Sphinx (Yes I do like the honeyed guitar) and Metaphor which is however incomplete.
Booster is another Tangerine Dream compilation which has the defect to be incomplete and incondescendant, as high as Edgar and his accountants can be. But I also do believe that the advertising quotation spreads the values of Eastgate and that the fans should protest by a boycott. But I also know that there is and still will be always impulsive fans that will hang on to the Dream. But who doesn’t?

Sylvain Lupari (2007)
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