mardi 19 juillet 2011


Sensitive Chaos’s Leak, is a fusion of atmospheres. On the title track, a nonchalant synth drags its virtual guitars keys which resound in an empty atmosphere. Gradually, these chords are joining by an isolate sax and percussions which become more present, in an environment of abstract soft jazz. Sensitive Chaos, is Jim Combs, half of the very experimental American duet TouchXtone. In Leak, he presents us his compositions written and recorded during the 2 last years. Very experimental, with a quite personal approach, the style of Sensitive Chaos reflects its identity, of sensitive chaos. Let’s take Android Cat Dreams Of Mice. Bottles sound percussions ring in a placid environment. Gently, one synth is coming with its soft and cherishing notes. Gradually all becomes more intense; strange whirrs mix with low and raucous notes, on islands beat to very sensual movement. A beautiful structure with looped modulations, which return in the same harmonious path, always adding a new musical element, rising a notch the waiting and the curiosity. Both worth the blow. A beautiful melody, with weak chimes, emerges from a night rocked by the breaths Brian Good sax. Starry Night is a superb title which goes up in crescendo with powerful percussions. Superb, the sax laments on hatched rhythm, by a beautiful set of percussions and discrete layers which intersect this bewitching movement, where the small rung melody floats always in the ambient air on a night that we would wish every days.
The beginning of Painting Earthtones In Orbit exploits the rung notes with inaudible synthetic voices. The rhythm takes shape in loop on felted percussions and a good bass line. The rhythm increases on synthetic pads which seem to be sought, but tablas percussions hammer the beat on a confused rhythm, nearer a static atmosphere than a sequenced evolution. Short, but sweet Bullet Train could have made the intro of my favourites adventures or police television stories of my youth. The percussions are incredibly corrosive. Nightshift At The baby Mecha Nursery is the only studio track of Leak and finishes in the same harmonious and rung atmosphere which made the charm of this first effort of Sensitive Chaos.
Sensitive Chaos’s Leak is an experimental EM album. The rhythms are balanced between the rung keyboard keys and percussions to varied essences and sources. With a structure definitely more abstract than the conventional EM, Sensitive Chaos manages to maintain a harmonious level which captivates the attention. And a title as Starry Night is not with the range of any kind of composer. A very beautiful track, on an album which is overcome rather easily. For fans of experimental music, with a very harmonious side.

Sylvain Lupari (2007)
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