lundi 11 juillet 2011

AWENSON: Beyond the Galaxies (2009)

This Awenson’s 3rd opus begins with oblong synth layers with vaporous sounds of sitar without strings which weave the opening of Shangri La, a long epic track with very eclectic meditative approaches. Monastic bells resound, widening their circles of resonances with different chimered tinkling which ring among industrial impulsions à la Blade Runner and great twisted solos which float among ethereal astral layers and choirs.
Although very ambient, the introduction of Shangri La is very musical with its waves of synth at once caustic biting and celestial which cross a universe of cosmic meditations where every movement is juxtaposing to those already in place. Towards the 15th minute a warm cosmic wave wraps this colourful intro, both in tones and essences, to bring it a little farther in the land of stars. From caustic to cosmic, Shangri La livens up of an electronic life with this floating mellotron veil which meets sequences of which fine resonances are multiplying the number. Arrhythmic pulsations jump up in a strange cosmic fauna where synths reborn of their nasal breezes and mellotron wings are moving such as astral spectres. We are beyond 20 minutes and Joël Bernard's synth makes his solos floating in a long spatial crusade where pulsations travel as asynchronous transmissions and where Vangelis tones wander with those of Schulze and Kistenmacher before falling again into the notes of this stringless sitar which had given birth to this long epic to strange eclectic tones. As its naming suggests Inner Light is a long introspective quest moved by slow synth waves seeking for contact with our cerebral cortex. Although ambient and totally devoid of rhythms, the slow oscillations that are droning draw threadlike synthesized strands which resound slowly forming an odd sound screen where we can hear the making of astral choirs. It’s a strange musical experience that has more depth if we listen to it at high volume and will please for sure fans of Steve Roach's long musical quests. More dramatic with its huge of musical tolls which resound in heavy synth layers, Fairies Gate closes this long cosmic escapade with a track without sequences but full of glaucous oscillations which resound in a strange musicality. Purely ambient and completely atmospheric, Fairies Gate is an incursion in the hidden and unknown side of a cosmos that can hide indeed some horrifying "gosthiques "creatures.
Beyond the Galaxies is a real cosmic musical journey. A very special musical experience the rhythm is building on impulses and where the sound wealth abounds with more intensity and heat than on Awenson first 2 works. A Awenson which seems to have reached his cosmic maturity with an ambient album as much powerful and poetic as works of Steve Roach and Michael Stearns. If we always perceive the influence of Klaus Schulze, and even Vangelis, it’s doesn’t wrap nor annuls all the personality of the French synthesist who goes out of his shell to produce a more personal album. We are feeling quite well the big lines that will lead him on the way to the wonderful Wizard one year later.

Sylvain Lupari (2011)
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