mardi 26 octobre 2010

TANGERINE DREAM: Rubycon (1975)

Rubycon is Tangerine Dream 2nd opus on Virgin. It confirms clearly the German trio tendency to go deep inside the unknowns paths of EM. This association with Virgin will give small jewels of musical creations. Froese ‘‘Daliniesc’’ madness allies to Franke docility and ingenuity will create room for musical Masses which will weave roots for several artists and bands, as well as in this area than nowadays. Whatever it’s with Peter Baumann or Johannes Schmoelling, TD will align around 10 pure masterworks. So, after Phaedra here is the somber Rubycon.
The 1st part starts with a very spacy floating sequence. Senses in alert, we are stagnating in a static atmosphere surrounded by eclectic sound effects. Intergalactic sirens with solemn choirs and waves of sound effects on deep musical tapestry and a shiny mellotron, the ambiance is materializing on the rolling of vaporous percussions whereas the sequencer gets in. The rhythm becomes punchier on a good line of bass. Synths multiply their ambient chants on a cadence that is going stronger and lively. Mellotron and heteroclite percussions glean the pace to a tempo that slows down and meditates on a more atmospheric wave. This soft final continues on the 2nd part where we are entering into doors of an ambient monastery. But this ethereal peace is of short duration. A big sequential line paves the way to aggressive and disordered rhythms which whirl around psychedelic sound effects. Motionless, we are tackled to the walls of an abstract art which attracts, which bite the hearing. A fly which struggles on gummed ribbon! That’s quite the spastic effect of Rubycon part II. This inconsistent psychosis ends at the backdoors of our monastery. The air there is radiant, and on a floating ambiance, the mellotron is fluting in our ears all the skill that lives in Peter Baumann. We have just penetrated in the paradise, the hell and the musical purgatory of the soft artistic nebulosity which accompanied Froese Franke and Baumann. Believe it or not, the continuation is still better.

Sylvain Lupari (2006)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le pseudo de Phaedream;

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