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INDRA: Generation 2006

Indra’s strength is to amaze, from one album to another. After the stormy and boiling The Challenge, I would have expected Indra to returns in a good Berlin School opus, just to ease some startled fans. Well, I’m totally wrong, because Generation is in the same mould as The Challenge. A bit less progressive, but as much percussive!
YeahYeah... throws a female voice, on a pulsating beat formed from the synchronized duet of sequencer/synthesizer. Sound effects imitate nervous percussions colliding, before a more rolling percussion adds a real drum touch with a hammering drum. The beat then becomes more techno with other sound effects which are moulding among superb whirling and sinuous synth solos. The beat then hits a moderate passage, before rebounding with more energy on disordered keyboards keys which find their places in this ‘’technoïd‘’ tornado. Confession reflects the sound universe you will find on Generation. Similar rhythms moderated just enough, so each one has its own structure. The sequences are heavy and multi directional, creating abundant rhythms supported by hammering percussions. El Gringo proposes a beat quite as much powerful which follows the path of a hesitant and nervous keyboard which forms the 1st sequence. Real percussions are inserting on those tortuous synths with plaintive and acute solos that sound effects fly over, leaving a sound cloud on its wake. The beat takes an unstitched tangent with superb percussion which re initiate the movement through more nervous keys and solos quite as much sinuous, but more languorous.
Disjointed and curled keyboard keys open In to the Night with an undulating bass movement which feed the lead sequence. Percussions supports a nervous rhythm cross of variegate sound effects on a hesitant movement. With its hollow Tablas percussions and its spinning rhythm on an odd sequence I' m Home Alone is a nervous music piece with Middle East vocal effects. Percussions become incisive on a synth which blows solitary laments, succeeding to seek a melodious ode to conclude this title filled of strange movements. An agitated sequence pushes the first measures of Germinal. A pulsating line of bass holds a rhythm surrounded by eccentric circular percussions with ‘’tssitt tssitt‘’ disco mode cymbals. The more the track progresses, the more the percussions play a prevalent part, hammering the tempo with gravity. The strikes resound of their echoes, increasing Germinal rhythmic intensity on a synth hedging of weak rotary laments. Another title, same result! Bella Donna shapes its tempo on its reverberations and a nervous sequence that whirls in spiral on a progressive techno dance approach. The more Bella Donna progresses, the more its tempo’s wild, whereas Le Jeu du Maitre offers a slower tempo and a more bewitching mood. Intro’s tinkling keys mark a pause on this opus full of life and musical turbulences. Circular synth, on a fine jerky movement, surrounds the title of a serene aura which extends even more on shades of string chords layers that lull our hearing, as well as our imagination. Breathless is like Confession. A DJ with a suave voice cheers his crowd on a sustained rhythm where voice samplings sigh on a hypnotic synth sequence. A second sequence with heavy loops insufflates a tempo tugged by soft techno percussions and synth layers with jerky movements. A track perfectly arranged that fits marvellously on the lascivious and passive Cutting Edge which rolls on an undulating bass and resounding percussions that shake the floor. Like an African sensual tempo, the impulsion is slow and moves with sequences in loops and a provocative synth. A languorously luxurious track which enjoys nuanced percussions, giving a hypnotic depth that shakes our senses. Touareg Love is a bonus track. The rhythmic spirit is always present with suave bass, intense percussions, DJ sound effects and a whirling sequence. But there is this voice... a suave and hot voice that pushes long erotic sighs, inviting to a more carnal pleasure than a small dance.
The more I hear Indra, the more I seek to hear it. Even if Generation has a techno tendency, the Rumanian synthesist charms by the harmonious approach of his furious rhythms. Because behind each title, a melody is hiding, whispered or hammered that makes our ears wide open. Indra has a great musical vision, but contrary to others, he has the talent of his originality.

Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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