mercredi 22 septembre 2010

SPYRA: ADSR Remixed (2010)

Versatile, Spyra is! The German synthesist can make as well vaporous Berlin School as ambient music, while passing by electro and techno. ADSR Remixed is the edifying proof. This Maxi single of 25 minutes presents 4 remixes of ADSR. And these 4 versions are pure techno to make your walls shake and to scrape clean your dance floors.
The first version is closer of the current EM with a beautiful line of nervous bass which trembles as a sequence in the syncopated jerks under beautiful captivating lines of synth and singings of fanciful birds. A Mellotron to waltzing strata wrap this movement which bursts of heavy deafening percussions, before quivering on a Kraftwerk beat. A world of diversified rhythms which pulse with minimalism on hybrid tones percussions, A Remix travel on castanets percussions, some heavy percussion with noises of glasses which resound in a hollow of bottle. Inspired and inspiring, Spyra really pass the fidgets on a title which will not stop exploding, as on the version of Steve Baltes which is pure techno that kicks down on stormy tams-tams and beautiful wave-like lines of synth. Great dance-floor at its best, with all the arrangements and orchestrations we can dream about. The S 136 Remix is as much vitriolic, even if surrounded of great waltzing Mellotrons. A version which is a beautiful meshing of the first 2 ones. More suave and languishing, R Dub Mix is soft and enjoys good percussions, shaping a very aphrodisiac down-tempo style.
ADSR Remixed shows the techno side of Spyra. A Spyra which embraces all the facets of an explosive EM and which is only available in 500 copies. Thus, not to miss! Because even if we swear only by Berlin School, ADSR Remixed has all the ingredients to pull us in the links of its explosive rhythms.

RICOCHET DREAM:  RD055 Maxi Single

Sylvain Lupari
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