vendredi 30 août 2019

jeudi 29 août 2019


All the reviews of Nothing But Noise have been switched to

C'est sur ce lien que les 5 chroniques de Nothing But Noise ont été transféré

lundi 5 août 2019


Cargo is structured like an album that has no connection with what is usually heard in the world of soundtracks 

Cargo (OST) 2018 
Cargo est structuré comme un album qui n'a pas de lien avec ce qu'on entend habituellement dans l'univers des bandes-sonores Cargo (OST) 2018 (Version Française) 

samedi 3 août 2019


Dear readers and followers, I want to thank you warmly for this massive support of you in the evolution of my Blog Synth & Sequences. Unfortunatly, du to the fact that it has a lot of stuff and a long list of artist whose music is reviewed here, I have to move this Blog to a more convivial way to read it and to find reviews. So it's the main cause of why this Blog is switching for a real website.

Now SynthSequences will need a new way to search from you, but you will see the differences between it and this Blog Please take to time to dig it will continue to read here. But you will remark that reviews will diseapper and reappear on the new website. Allready, more than 235 reviews have been removed and put on my new website.

I hate to do this, but this site cost me an average of 500$ a year. This is the reason you see the Donate sign. It's not an obligation for anyone, and it will be remove once this amount is reached each year.

Thanks and advance and long live to Electronic Music :D

Sylvain Lupari

vendredi 2 août 2019

SON OF OHM: Zeitgeist (2019)

“Another nice album from Son Of Ohm to whom one can't make a bad criticism. If not that he seems too comfortable in his comfort zone”

Zeitgeist (2019)

“Un autre bel album de Son Of Ohm à qui on ne peut rien reprocher. Si ce n'est qu'il est trop confortable dans sa zone de confort”

Zeitgeist (2019)