jeudi 19 janvier 2017

F.D. PROJECT: Timeless II (2016)

“What a way to end another great year in E.M.! This Timeless II must be the solidest, the strongest album of Frank Dorittke ever”
1 Space Fields 5:52
2 Lost Ship 6:40
3 Elemental Movement 12:42
4 The Return of O; Part V 7:45
5 Spectralis 6:30
6 Timeless Two 6:03
7 An Evening (Live) 17:26

F.D. Project (CD 62:57) ****¾
(Minimalist, melodic vintage Berlin School)
A line of lively and hopping sequences scatters the mist from the snores of machine and the long shaded wings of a synth to highlight the very lively rhythm of "Space Fields". The percussions structure a good electronic rock dipped into synth layers of which the fluty breezes will remind to some of us the rhythmic structures of the Jive era of Tangerine Dream. Frank Dorittke adds a 2nd more harmonious line which hiccup in a jerky structure and introduces a very beautiful harmony whistled by a synth fill of Mike Oldfield's perfumes. On heavy and lively rhythms, forged in patterns of sequences which swirl and/or zigzag in very energetic minimalist structures, and packed with harmonies chiselled from his unique guitar and from his synths, F.D. Project presents in “Timeless II” his most solid album to date.
If we swirled with the hypnotic spiral of "Space Fields", "Lost Ship" brings us towards a motorik heavy structure with a mixture of knockings and deaf pulsations which hammer a jerky rhythm that percussions redirect into a more fluid structure. Cosmic effects, ethereal layers and vampiric shadows surround the harshness of the rhythm while some very good and incisive guitar solos flagellums and pierces it after the point of 3 minutes. And this until its finale. "Elemental Movement" proposes another minimalist and loud circular structure fed by diverse tones among which jingles of cymbals and chords parading here and there in the shape of stroboscopic thin lines. The synth here is wonderful and frees some very good dreamy harmonies. This is another solid track, lively and catchy with just enough nuances so that we appreciate these long minimalist ritornellos. Do we inevitably have to speak about "The Return of O; Part V"? Absolutely! On a structure always built in the loudness, in the heaviness, Frank Dorittke brings us in the territories of Q2 with a delicious spheroidal approach as ethereal as Celtic. Reminiscences of Tubular Bells are always there, as well as some fragrances of 5 Miles Out, and the plentiful solos of a guitar are always so conquering. "Spectralis" will become the most beautiful ballad of F.D. Project's repertoire. Imagine Drunken Mozart in the Desert, by Edgar Froese, but in a speeded-up movement. It’s a little the backbone of "Spectralis" which unwinds a bed of sequences sparkling like a mass of hummingbirds equipped of diamond wings. Hallucinating, this structure is supported by sober percussions which give to it a so rock approach as the sequenced melody can be in mode ballad. It’s lively, contagious and the melody drills its earworm while the guitar, always so incisive, makes its very inspired solos swirl again and again. After an introduction weaved in the musing, "Timeless Two" extricates itself from its ethereal phase to offer a heavy and slow rhythm which gains in intensity. The guitar is always carrier of solos which disembowel the indifference. "An Evening (Live)" is a title performed at Ledigenheim Dinslaken, Germany, in May 2014. Moreover, a video of 30 minutes is available on You Tube. It’s a great incursion into Jean Michel Jarre's cosmic universes and those movements of lively sequences which have revolutionized the art of the electronic rhythms with Stratosfear from Tangerine Dream. There are lots of winks of eye to the music of Oxygene here and Frank Dorittke shows that he feels very at ease as much with his synths and his sequencer as with his guitar which opened him the doors of this delicious fusion between the Celtic approach of Mike Oldfield and the EM very Berlin School and/or cosmic. A superb album and an excellent surprise, “Timeless II” has found its place on my top 10 list of 2016!
Sylvain Lupari (December 19th, 2017) &
You will find a way to buy this album on CD Baby and on FD Project web site here

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