mercredi 4 janvier 2017

ANDY PICKFORD: Adagiometry Vol. 5 (2016)

“All in all, this Adagiometry series is pretty good and very interesting and each volume hides a jewel for sure which will know how to reach you. And this Vol. 5 is not an exception”
1 Moondark (Adagiometry No. 5) 6:26
2 Pavane 5:43
3 Sapphire 6:40

AD Music | AD185 (DDL 19:25) ****
(Orchestral et cinematographic EM)
2016 was a very good year for Andy Pickford. A solo album, 3 others with Binar and finally this series of 5 E.P. which leans on the slow symphonic movements of the adagio. “Adagiometry Vol. 5” ends the Adagiometry pentalogy with a more electronic approach which will delight certainly the fans of AP who stuff themselves with rhythms and with melodies since Linear Functions in 1983. "Moondark (Adagiometry No 5)" begins with the speech of a politician, about a New World, while the music aims to be more Electronica here with a structure slow but well hammered by good percussions. Streams of sequences sparkle and layers of voices add a magical dimension as the moods become heavy and pompous, as the rhythm accentuates its heaviness and its slowness with good effects of orchestrations of wind symphonic instruments. Very filmic of the sci-fi kind! Now each E.P. of this series hides a small treasure of bewitching. And it’s the case with "Pavane" where the violins and the cellos come back haunting our ears in a very Electronica decoration and a languishing beat of down-tempo. "Sapphire" is more lunar. It's a pretty good morphic down-tempo where we float with a soft rhythm which is always very languishing, otherwise suggestive.
Here what closes this interesting series of E.P. which
Andy Pickford dedicates to an EM trapped in the slow movements of Adagio. Between slow movements and a little bit cosmic atmospheres, otherwise very ethereal, the music of this series contains enough material of very good quality to please the fans of AP and those who try to discover an artist who seeks constantly to isolate his talent off the beaten track. I quite enjoyed this series and nobody can deny the very melodious approach of Andy Pickford. If I can sharpen you I would to begin with 2 and 4, although the 5 and 1 are also safe bets. Good discovery and a good 2017 year!

Sylvain Lupari (January 2nd, 2017) &

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