jeudi 26 janvier 2017

AIRSCULPTURE: Vanishing Point Volume 3 (2016)

“Here is a great addition to 2 striking volumes which will please to the fans of Airsculpture and to those who also like those long hypnotic minimalist structures which end in chaos”
1 Ranger Station (complete) 35:31
2 Diastole 17:16
3 You’ve got Necrophonic Mail 25:48

Airsculpture Music (DDL 68:35 ) ****
(Minimalist and Sequencer-based EM)

In addition to the first two excellent chapters of Vanishing Point, the boys of Airsculpture put at the disposition of their fans a 3rd chapter offered in downloadable format only and to a price more than reasonable. Except for "Diastole", which is a title of heavy atmospheres where howls, groans or daydreams a storm of dark winds and of sibylline melodies, “Vanishing Point Volume 3” proposes 2 titles which come from Vanishing Point Vol. I, but in different musical visions.
By itself, the complete version Ranger Station is worth the expenses! An entire introduction which adds up around 8 minutes for a delicious extension of a structure of rhythm comfortably installed in its minimalist cocoon of more than 25 minutes "
Ranger Station (complete)" is a real delight for the fans of the English trio which has a huge enjoyment here by sprinkling here and there some little treasures of tones and electronic effects which explain the ever great fame of the synthesizers and why we are so fond of them. The same goes for a structure of rhythm which cavorts and resounds cheerfully in an intense, needs to say it, sound mosaic which brushes slightly the borders of the night psychedelia. "Diastole" plunges us into an intense medley of hooting, mooing, winds or dark breezes. It is as a long journey through a labyrinth of sepulchers where the anger of the inhabitants is translated by an armada of beatings and knockings, a little as spectres which want to scare off the intruders. The sound envelope is rich and the atmospheres are a little bit disturbing. And Airsculpture continues to regale us with "You’ve got Necrophonic Mail" extirpates its chaos from this very atypical rhythmic portion which has made of Necrophone the cornerstone of Vanishing Point Vol. I. Except that here, there are no shadows nor of nuances in these tom-toms which drum a kind of trance tribal Amerindian. Established on tones of another world which were found on John Christian's answerphone, the trio wants to recreate the atmospheres of an aimless walk in a deserted and decaying cemetery. I would say that it’s more the case with "Diastole", but we are not completely far from that here, especially when the finale gets closer. This rhythmic minimalist thrones on 20 of the 26 minutes with a meshing of sequences a la Schulze, contemporary era, deaf knockings and percussions which bang and go off the rails in an ambience weaved by effects and arrangements which could feed a latent paranoia, but especially with these lines of synths loaded of spectral harmonies that we have to seek for so much the effects of atmospheres and percussions feed the extravagance of a title that the fans of Airsculpture would not want to miss.
Is “
Vanishing Point Volume 3” a necessity? That depends on which side that we are. For the fans of an EM structured, not really! But for the aficionados of these long improvised sound Masses which always eventually end in a process of nirvana and to explode, maybe. Although "You've got Necrophonic Mail" is a monument in itself! But for the fans of Airsculpture? The question doesn’t even arise!

Sylvain Lupari (January 26th, 2017) &
You will find this album on the Airsculpture Bandcamp page here

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