samedi 31 décembre 2016

ANDY PICKFORD: Adagiometry Vol. 4 (2016)

“We hit the end of this Adagiometry series and I must say that most of the music is very pleasurable. This E.P. hides a great track as each volume of this series”
1 Adagiometry No. 4 (Home) 5:30
2 The Enigmastist 6:25
3 Hearts in the Rain 7:29

AD Music | AD184 (DDL 18:51) ***¼
(Orchestral et cinematographic EM)
This 4th opus of the Adagiometry pentalogy begins in full respect of its artwork with a very philharmonic "Adagiometry No 4 (Home)". A troop of synth violins is spreading a very slow movement which wraps the fragility of the delicate harp arpeggios and of the fine fluty harmonies. It’s enjoyable, very film (there are a lot of images of touching movies which come to mind) and especially hyper romantic. These stringed instruments make concession in "The Enigmastist" whose electronic approach comes to our feet with a line of sequences which shakes like a stroboscopic snake. The percussions drum a kind of morphic aboriginal trance while layers of choruses inject a sibylline harmonious approach. The whole thing gets metamorphose into a very beautiful electronic melody which allies the synth-pop to a superb and very catchy ballad where Andy Pickford hammers his keys with this incisive desire to make us fall over on the other side of melancholy. Layers of violins, horns and angelic voices encircle this very beautiful finely jerky movement of which the great beauty very leads us to forget its pink-candy side. Another very agreeable track! "Hearts in the Rain" respects in every respect the principle of adagio which surrounds the vast majority of the compositions of this series. The movement is slow, even if it’s shaken by attacks of percussions. That reminds of Alan Parsons and Mike Batt who, in their early stages, knew how to charm with a level-headed mixture of rock and orchestrations. The layers of violins rise in intensity, hanging on the passage a film melody in our ears, and in symbiosis with a more rock approach where are rebelling solos of electric guitar. The more we move forward in the Adagiometry series and the more the orchestral approach reveals its influences. A good E.P. which is slightly upper to the 3rd one and with a great title which eats away our feelings for a while.Sylvain Lupari (December 31st, 2016) &

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