dimanche 16 octobre 2016

JAMES MURRAY: Ghostwalk E.P. (2016)

“To be honest?! I already heard a ghost's walk a little more discreet than this Ghostwalk”
1 Ghostwalk 6:58
2 Ghostwalk (Kinosura remix) 7:08
3 Ghostwalk (Martin Nonstatic remix) 7:27

inre088 (DDL 20:39) ***
(Psybeats, Groove & Electronica)
I already heard a ghost's walk a little more discreet than that proposed by James Murray! The title-track of this foretaste of the comeback of the British composer  on the Ultimae Records label opens with bass pulsations which skip under the delicate bites of cymbals. Layers which buzz like wings of big bumblebees intimidate this opening with a surprising effect of humming, defining the barriers of "Ghostwalk" which will balance between a rhythm slightly bouncing and some brief passages of atmospheres which are quite near a surrealist decoration peculiar to the night-ballads of these dear spectres which feed our most serene insanities. The sequences flow with fluidity and with a beautiful effect of gap in the pace, offering a structure which gets loose from the minimalism mood and which hooks the captivity of the listening. But the effects, and this spectral melody which mystifies with its misleading appearances, are at the heart of "Ghostwalk" with an approach more ghostly than organic. It's a premiere for me from this always very creative label. This E.P. offers remixed 2 versions of “Ghostwalk”. The first one comes from a new artist Kinosura. Here, the lines of basses are more captivating and the rhythm is more linear with laconic pulsations and with effects of percussions which click and fly away like a thick cloud of noises. The synth layers get melting in a sonic decoration which is closer to the roots of Ultimae Records with nice effects of hoops and with dark breezes always as much spectral as James Murray's vision. I liked this approach a bit more dance and groove than the original version. Martin Nonstatic's remix is more lively with sequenced pulsations which are more accentuated, some good effects (I particularly like the noise of these metallic doors which make creak the hinges) and a delicate melody which is more hummed in this ambience of spectres and their hypnotic charms. It bears the seal of Martin Nonstatic and it's the most electronic version of “Ghostwalk”. The album is expected later this year and I expect something rather unusual. But isn't it always the case with Ultimae Records!
Sylvain Lupari (October 14th, 2016)
gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca
You will find this album on the Ultimae Records Bandcamp page here

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