mercredi 28 septembre 2016

DREAMERPROJECT: Visions (2016)

“What can I say if it's not good EM a la sauce Yanni which borders much more the New Age style. But should we be ashamed to like it?”
1 Horizons 5:27
2 Sunrise 4:59
3 Visions 5:37
4 Glorious 5:26
5 Drifting 5:25

AD Music ‎– AD142CDr (E.P. 26:53) ***½
(New Age, Electronic Synth-Pop and E-Rock)
There is a lot of things going on at the AD Music's offices. The English label is more prolific than ever with some new releases, reedition, remixes and E.P. (a lot of those) in order to promote its catalog and its artists among streaming platforms  such as ITunes and Spotify. "Horizons", a remix of a very popular title from the album “Visions”, has landed in my DropBox and I was very curious to hear again the music of Dreamerproject because Kjetil Ingebrigtsen had fairly seduced my ears, and those of my Lise, with the very beautiful and musical (some people will say New Age) The Road to Your Heart which was released in 2012. And since then, I haven't heard anything more from Dreamerproject, excepted for the peaceful Hymne which appeared on the very good collection E-Scape 2015. But before, I wanted to hear “Visions”. The genesis of "Horizons" ...
The introduction of "
Horizons" plunges us a little into the universe of the New Age with sounds of flute which caress the waves of an ocean that one sculpts in our imagination. These elements, as well as electronic effects, increase as a keyboard draws an embryonic melody and as the rhythm settles down. The approach becomes rather intense with the arrival of electronic percussions skillfully steady and with nervous riffs which flicker around this melody which will take literally its surge while taking care of leaving its traces at the bottom of our eardrums. The rhythm is curt, a little bit abrupt and the harmonious twigs spin all around. If the 1st part is more ethereal, the 2nd proposes a solid electronic rock with good arrangements which seduce after 2 or 3 listening. It's at the same time light and heavy and it stays in the borders of the New Age and of the Synth-Pop of the 90's. "Sunrise" suggests a delicately jerky rhythm, like a disjointed down-tempo, with a keyboard and with some nice arrangements which extract from us deep sighs of our soul. The melody, torn away from a nevertheless sober synth, waltzes between our two ear with all the intensity of its sigh and its tears which win in emotional intensity. This is the very beautiful electronic ballad, with a zest of Vangelis (yes yes), which seduces me much more than "Horizons". The title-track also offers a slightly jerky structure, but more electronic than melodic, which is weaved by riffs of a nervous keyboard. The arrangements are always so intense with an electronic envelope, the synths moan even more than in "Sunrise", which adopts the velocity of the beat. That passes well, it's not complicated and it's going to please to a wider audience. It's accessible but not inevitably commercial. "Glorious" also presents a rather intense structure which is knotted cloud around emotionalism, a little as in "Horizons". But the approach is more lively with a beautiful electronic structure of which the debit sounds as the pouring of a water of sounds in cosmos. Here as on 4 other titles of this E.P. the music exploits well its 5 minutes between a rhythm, more lively and more jerky here, and a short moment of atmospheres which brings the listener in a very New Age cosmos, so much the emotivity and the musicality are there. At this level, the 2nd part is unarguably the most powerful of “Visions” with a very clanic finale. "Drifting" ends this small harmonious collection of Dreamerproject with a beautiful cosmic slow dance loaded of a multitude of star's sparklings which swirl as in a whirlwind of crystal particles. Little by little the title drifts towards an approach more in the kind of astral ballad with a greater intensity which seeks with a clear intention to extract other sighs from our soul. But "Sunrise" is by far more beautiful!
Must we be shy to say that “
Visions” is a beautiful small E.P. full of tenderness and melodies which hook the sense of hearing on rhythms which are vaguely alike at times? I let you the care of finding the answer. One likes Yanni? Then you will for sure like the music of Dreamerproject which is so near. Me, and especially my Lise, I found it as beautiful as good. Even if we are more in the territories of the New Age and the Synth-Pop without words (the music can be easily hummed or whistled) than in the fathomless labyrinths of EM of the Berlin School style and of its derived. Beautiful, good and not complicated!

Sylvain Lupari (September 28th, 2016) &
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