jeudi 29 septembre 2016

DREAMERPROJECT: Horizons - Remixes (2016)

“This is the perfect complement to Visions with approaches which are more rock,  more electronic and more Trance & Dance styles”
1 Horizons (TigerForest Remix) 5:10
2 Horizons (Glenn Main Remix) 5:00
3 Horizons (Noise Zoo Remix) 3:26
4 Horizons (Spektralized Remix) 3:56
5 Horizons 5:26

AD - 179CDEP (E.P. 23:03) ***¾
(Mix of E-Rock, Trance&Dance and New Age)
Against all odds, the album Visions from Dreamerproject has knew a very good success, in particular because of the track "Horizons" and of its evasive melody which still shines more here in the remixed version of Glenn Main. And it's with all the honors that the AD Music label gave to 4 artists to the visions fiendishly opposed a mandate to compose their remixed version for the purpose of this E.P. which appears in the stride of a vast marketing operation of the English label. The version of TigerForest accentuates even more the very Tangerine Dream approach of the Miramar years whom the German musician Gunnar Spardel presented us in 2014 with his album The Tides of Day and Night. The rhythm is heavier and more lively with violins which fly and swirl under a powerful hyper bludgeoning of percussions. The melody borrows here a veiled texture, roaming like a very harmonious specter on a structure of rhythm as powerful as lively. Gunnar Spardel respects the posology of Kjetil Ingebrigtsen, Glenn Main too, with a brief moment of respite before taking back the bombardment of the percussions. I like! It's more rock electronic than the original version which is very New Age. Glenn Main's version is clearly more musical and more electronic with a pace as curt as that of TigerForest, but lighter. The piano spreads also some beautiful harmonies, as on the original version, and the more rock approach which follows this short moment of atmospheres is fed by this piano, but also by beautiful synth solos as well as a kind of electronic guitar. I would say that it's even more poignant than the original version. More shortened, the versions of Noise Zoo and of Spektralized prohibits the moment of ambiences in order to throw more weight to the music of Dreamerproject. The version of Noise Zoo brushes lightly an approach very trance dance for Zombies drugged up on Ecstasy while that of Spektralized is jerked by percussions as well as very fat and juicy sequences which is going to cure, or aggravate a stiff neck within 2 minutes. But it's ok because the original version is there to rest these muscles which were snatched by Noise Zoo and Spektralized, showing before all the very melodic and dreamy approach of "Horizons" and of Dreamerproject.
Sylvain Lupari (September 29th, 2016) &
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  1. Thank you for the Nice words :-) I really love this Tune by the great composer "Dreamedproject
    :-) I hope he will give other producers more songs to remix !!
    Glenn Main


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