dimanche 10 juillet 2016

MOONBOOTER: Cosmoharmonics (2016)

“On Cosmoharmonics Moonbooter wears superbly his two hats by blending the EDM of his Cosmo series to his form of Berliner EM that we find on Still Alive and others”
1 Simply Ethereal 7:43
2 Drop 7:13
3 Oscillation 6:57
4 The Greatest Mystery 6:31
5 Harmonic Breaks 4:45
6 Pure Natural 4:05
7 Pan Tau 8:14
8 Earth Two 6:45
9 Dance with Overtones 7:56
10 Romantic in Space 7:01

MellowJet Records ‎| cdr-mb1601 (CD-r/DDL 67:09) ****
(Mix of EDM and Berliner EM)
A sonic wave coming from the darkness climbs the curves of the nothingness, throwing a dark veil that some soft robotics pulsations eventually hunted. Chords get grafted in this pulsatory movement, as well as other organic pulsations (we would say kisses of a huge octopus) and other sequences which flicker such as fireflies in a long too tube narrow for their wings. There are also other synthesized waves which wave in the background, giving a sound depth as much rich as very diversified to the introduction of "Simply Ethereal" which tries to bind itself to these rhythms of electronic dances which are the bearing of the Cosmo series from Moonbooter. Then comes a soft ethereal movement where the tears of synth meditate like sighs of violins, laying the harmonious foundations of "Simply Ethereal". And always in the background, these sequences which get free from their tubular prison to draw wave motions. And the rhythm explodes slowly after the point of the 3 minutes. Such as aimed by Bernd Scholl, the melody stays in the foreground with beautiful capers which bind their airs with the soft staccato arrangements while the pulsations and the sequences will go out with more of biting into the 3rd phase of "Simply Ethereal". This first title of “Cosmoharmonics” is rather representative of the ambiences of this last album of Moonbooter. Less wild than its predecessors, “Cosmoharmonics” offers all the same some very good structures of electronic dance music.
Like the circular rhythmic pattern of "
Drop" and its continual chassé-croisé of sequence lines which crisscross its keys sometimes voracious and sometimes more harmonious. The effect of the vocoder adds a cybernetic Kraftwerk touch to a music which eventually softened its rhythmic vision in order to let grow movements of very harmonious sequences while the synth throws some rather appealing solos with Arabian airs which seduce even these slow layers of astral violins. The union of both worlds is more than attractive here. Built on the same model as "Simply Ethereal", "Drop" proposes 3 phases which present a light increase of the rhythm and of the moods. The same goes for "Dance with Overtones" where the model of Berlin School and of ambient music goes adrift between these phases towards a moderate Electronica. Here the synth makes very Vangelis, for the effects, while the harmonious solos carry the Moonbooter seal. But the rhythmic violence will not reach that of "Oscillation" which is a real hymn to the EDM movement and those physical trances of Saturday for these collective hyper-active dances. If we like the genre (I find that done properly, even if it's not my music style), "Harmonic Breaks" is going to seduce us. Even if less violent, its cosmic envelope leads us to another level of dance. "Pan Tau", one of the very good titles of the genre that Moonbooter
 has ever composed, proposes also some very good EDM. Sequences, muffled pulsations and effects of chirping add to a frivolous heaviness with very beautiful lines of harmonies which are also intrusive as the arrangements. It's this kind of EDM that we listen to more than we dance on. “Cosmoharmonics” is also the first album of the Cosmo series which swings between the universes of dance and the one more electronic than Bernd Scholl proposes outside this series.
The Greatest Mystery" is the first title that shows this fact. After a beautiful intro embroidered around romance, some very harmonious sequences lay harmonious bases full of Asian perfumes The rhythm extricates itself with a hesitating approach before biting our senses with a heaviness and a lasciviousness arisen from sober percussions and a good bass line and its sizzling shadows. It's a very good morphic down-tempo and the main harmony digs a first meeting with the collection of musical itches of the Moonbooter universe in “Cosmoharmonics”. Bernd Scholl sits down to the piano to present us the very romantic and melancholic "Pure Natural". It's doubtless one of the quietest titles, the most acoustic one, that I heard from Moonbooter. It's a very beautiful moment of respite before the boiling, and very creative, "Pan Tau"."Earth Two" belongs to the heavy rhythm and harmonious section of “Cosmoharmonics”. The arrangements, as well as the slow layers of ambient rhythm, will please undoubtedly the fans of Jean Michel Jarre. No matter the genres, each album of Moonbooter hides a small pearl. "Romantic in Space" is the one of “Cosmoharmonics”. Circular, with its stroboscopic momentums of sequences, the rhythm is built on a muddle of lively percussions and sequences which also scatter soft filets of harmonies of which the airs coated of astral violins find a permanent place at the bottom of our eardrums. What a beautiful piece of music putted in an envelope of down-tempo slower than morphic. And what a beautiful album of Moonbooter who succeeds marvelously to carry his two hats, his two sonic signatures on the same album where EDM will never have been so inviting than here.

Sylvain Lupari (July 9th, 2016)
gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

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