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DAVID WRIGHT: Reflections (1989/2016)

“With its catchy melodious themes, its deeply invading arrangements and its way of toying with the different styles of the 80's; Reflections was the ideal kicker to start David Wright's career”
1 Don't Look Back! 4:18
2 Romance 10:13
3 January '89 5:13
4 Song for Tricia 5:12
5 Abintra (A Love Song) 4:52
6 Seashores 17:47
7 Reflections 2:32
8 Song for Life 7:08
9 Arela 4:49
10 Another Life 8:41

AD Music ‎| AD171CD (CD 70:58) ***½
(Melodious ambient New Age)
The reedition of David Wright's catalogue continues. David Wright is the man behind AD Music, Code Indigo and Callisto as well as other collaborations with Robert Fox, Ian Boddy and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock. Synonymic names of electronic music of high quality where melodies prevail over ambiences and electronic rhythms in orchestral arrangements deserving of Vangelis' big works. It's to Klaus D. Mueller, manager of Klaus Schulze, that we owe the discovery and the hatching of this brilliant composer and English arranger who was going to put his seal on the scene of the England School. The adventure begins in 1989 when David Wright produced his first cassette, “Reflections”. Impressed, Mueller will distribute it, as well as his following albums under the label POEM. And this until 1994, the year of the label AD Music foundation. In 2001, AD Music gives a second breath to “Reflections” with a new digitally restored edition in a CD-r format. This last edition of “Reflections” is digitally remastered in 24 bits from original sources and pressed in manufactured CD. Besides a small wall of notes on the artwork, this new edition includes 3 new titles composed between 1996 and 2015.
Drum beats, jingles and a powerful bass line cut out in lively and jerky pulsations open “
Reflections” with strength. "Don't Look Back" is a strong source of motivation to pursue the exploration of this David Wright's first opus. The synth covers this rhythm of electronic rock with a delicate melody whistled as a walker who contemplates the luxuriant greenery under a radiant sun. Other percussions add as much weight as swiftness to this hymn of electronic rock which will be the only one of David Wright's repertoire. "Don't Look Back" is a dynamic title which answers to a need at that time if we recall Christian Richet's Overture. "Don't Look Back" starts as a kicker, the rest of “Reflections” is just like that we know of David Wright; a superb melodist who gives life to meditative airs onto structures as much dreamlike as relaxing. "Romance" is a long seraphic title with beautiful arrangements where the synths have the looks of a string quartet. The first part is acoustically soft with a surrounding cloud of Mellotron mist. This very beautiful piece of music with the airs of film theme goes straight into the fibers of our soul with a beautiful ambiospheric melody where the angels hum the airs of immortal souls accompanied by a beautiful harmonica which pours its tears on the strings of an acoustic guitar or of a celestial harp. It's the very beautiful track which doubtless inspired Raphael's dreams in his series of Music To Disappear In albums. "January ' 89" offers a structure of rhythm as lively as the steps of a wolf which runs stealthily to hide. The tempo is rather difficult to describe with its jerks of percussions and bass pulsations which forge a strange spasmodic electronic march. Sequences and keyboard chords freeze an harmonious structure which rings like a melody hammered on a glass tube.
Song for Tricia" is a nice synth pop ballad with a catchy structure raised up on good percussions, of which some take the shape of tones of clogs on street bricks. The synth is in panpipes mode and walks with harmony on beautiful layers with orchestral perfumes. Cute, it's a superb and lively melody. And we listen to it the hair which fight with the wind in a convertible car. "Abintra (A love Song)" goes beyond the limits of "Romance". It's a good ambient ballad where an acoustic six-strings roams on the harmonious jumps of the bass pulsations. A Mediterranean ballad! We also find perfumes of "Romance" in "Seashores". We are in the very poetic section of "Reflections" with this long meditative title of which the reflections scold in the background and serve as pattern to a shower of notes and chords which evaporate into suave orchestral arrangements and the soft caresses of sea broth which lead us to the quiet title-track. A title so quiet which offers a ghost lullaby and which reminds to us that David Wright has always liked flirting with the New Age. This reedition proposes 3 bonus tracks. Written in 2015 "Song for Life" goes with wonder with the dance of froth and completes amazingly this distant melody on "Reflections". The rhythm rocks a delicate ambient ballad with a solitary guitar and a piano which scatters a melody, rather catchy should I add, in this thick cloud of seraphic voices which also decorated the meditative delights of "Romance". It's a beautiful and very relaxing track. "Arela" is also a nice lullaby with chords which sparkle and swirl on a base of rhythm in the shape of a spatial trot. It's like a carousel where the brilliance of the arpeggios forges a good melody as catchy as that of "Song for Life" which was written 14 years later. Written at the same time as “Reflections”, "Another Life" respects the serenity of this David Wright's very first album with a soft and meditative music where blows a solitary saxophone on the curves of the harmoniously ambient winds of violins.
One should not let be blinded by the interest shown by
Klaus D. Mueller to acquire “Reflections” because we are far from Berlin School here. Except that the arrangements and the very melodic approach of David Wright owed unmistakably a second breath to EM of the time. There is small jewels of tenderness on this album, as well as beautiful delicate and lively ballads. In brief, it's the perfect balance between the styles of that time. And in its envelope completely revamped, “Reflections” stays a beautiful very melodious album which has suffer a little of the weight of the years. And the authenticity of the sound here is a brilliant decision from David Wright. The music keeps its essence and its cachet of the 80's. And the bonus tracks add some more weight to this opus which is totally just like his impressive career. Of beautiful music!

Sylvain Lupari (July 25th, 2016) &
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