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TANGERINE DREAM: L'Affaire Wallraff/The Man Inside (1992)

“I'm not a big fan of this TD era. So is L'Affaire Wallraff (The Man Inside) is worthy of its high price for object of rarities? I guees that only a true fan could answer to this question and I suspect that it will be a yes”
1 Wallraff's Theme 1:36
2 Tendency of Love 3:58
3 Addicted to the Truth 4:35
4 World of the Standard 4:10
5 Purposes Of Brevity 4:30
6 Tobel's Death by the River 4:22
7 Taboo Society 3:17
8 The Drive to Hanover 4:40
9 Correlation of Lies 3:45
10 Investigation 4:16
11 News and Morality 4:45

EMI France | 795 617-2 (CD 43:54) ***

I know that reviews about the works of Tangerine Dream arouse a great deal of debates. And it's not because it displeases that I won't have to write about it. On the contrary, if I was a neophyte of the Dream world I would appreciate a lot to read reviews and articles about the too numerous records of Edgar Froese group. I thus keep my momentum with another album very difficult to find; “L'Affaire Wallraff (The Man Inside)” which, unfortunately and in all objectivity, is far from being worth the price of its rarity. Composed in 1989, either at the time of Lily of the Beach, the music of this Bobby Roth's movie is boiling of these rhythms in boxes which furnish the tempos of the Dream music of its the so called Seattle years. “L'Affaire Wallraff (The Man Inside)” is consisted of 11 tracks of an average length of 4 minutes each. Thus if we look for marvels in evolutionary and a little bit complex structures, we have to look somewhere else! Four minutes with an intro and a finale, there not much time left to put some meat around the bone. With “L'Affaire Wallraff (The Man Inside)” we are on known territory where the percussions hammer and tumble down on structures which smell the warmed, as the dramatic "Addicted to the Truth" (a good title) which seems to have escaped from the Near Dark sessions, and other tracks which smell to the ears full of the sessions of Lily on the Beach, Miracle Mile and even Rockoon. So, a must for the fans of this period. The rhythms are heavy, the percussions are well worked  and there are even some patterns of sequences which radiate the vestiges of Chris Franke; "Wallraff's Theme", "World of the Standard" and "Taboo Society" although very cold and at times quite uniforms. The rest is rather insipid and without interest, except for lighter tracks such as "Tendancy for Love" and "New and Morality" where we manage to smell a kind of emotion. In brief; a  TD of the 90's where the emotionalism gives way to a cash register and where only the easy cash seems to be the principal source of motivation. If you have the means of your worship, it appears by moments on eBay, but you have to be careful and watch out because there are some pretty nice imitations out there which circulate from times to times. And there are at high prices too. Ah...this wonderful world of Tangerine Dream!
Sylvain Lupari (Firstly written on September 11th, 2010. Translated on April 30th, 2016 &

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