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“We are indeed adrift with this album filled of strong perfumes of vintage tones and be sure that Adrift is for those die-hard fans of old Berlin School”
1 Out of the System 29:45
2 Reaching the Speed of Light 22:58
3 In Search of the Ancient Dominion 17:55

The Roswell Incident Music (CD 70:38) ***½
(Vintage floating Berlin School)
Adrift” for gliding, for floating! Being adrift like the music of this last album of the brothers Koen and Jan Buytaert who is filled with these ambiospherical perfumes of ether from the Berlin School retro years. Beneath the stars, because the music of “Adrift” was performed live in the festivals of Cosmic Nights in 2015 and E-Live in 2014, or in our room the eyes fixed there where our ears carry us, this 4th opus of The Roswell Incident follows the rules of Escape with some long and very atmospheric introductions which are use as bases, except maybe for "In Search of the Ancient Dominion", to launch delicate movements of minimalist rhythms always tugged by opaque movements of cosmic turbulences.
Hollow winds decorated of melodious prisms open the long ambiospherical phase of "Out of the System". The dialect of machines diffuses chirping which sparkle in slow orchestral movements imagined by false violins which murmur these words of comfort lost in the limbo. It's a little like being drifting in a cosmos filled by very vague tones of carillons which sparkle under the caresses of hot winds. The orchestral murmurs caress tenderly muffled impulses which move like waves below one thousand feet in the oceanic depths. These waves become the stooges of our solitude while that quietly "Out of the System" unveils its arrhythmic armor where a sneaky structures of rhythm emerge from the clamors of an invisible crowd on the edge of 10 minutes. Fluty synth pads harmonize their catatonic airs to sequenced pulsations, weaving a minimalist walking which skips as a wandering one-legged man. The walking accelerates gradually the pace through many sound graffiti which get twist in the nothingness of the hollow winds. We are right in the heart of retro Berlin School here. So much that this approach makes me think enormously of
Robert Schroeder in his time of Paradise, especially with these murmurs which join the parade some 3 minutes farther. This movement hits the wall around the 15th minute point, restructuring so this rhythm, always very relaxing, in a more fluid phase where the sequences, certain with tones of voice, skip and sparkle in the soft oscillations of a crawling bass line. A cloud of prism encloses this movement of which the velocity grows ceaselessly and where other sequenced keys add a weight of romance, whilst that "Out of the System" reached its 4th phase with sequences which swirl under some very good synth solos. This is what I call a great old Berlin School track!
"Reaching the Speed of Light" is clearly more ambient with a heavy introduction loaded of cosmic winds and of sibylline waves. One has to wait to the 12th minute point before hearing a structure of rhythm murmur to our ears. Still there it's very ambient with weak pulsations. The beatings which resound are freezing an echo where some arpeggios dance here shyly. The tears of synth which float are guiding this improbable waltz towards a more livened up phase, we have just pass the point of 18 minutes, when the rhythm scampers with grace under a sonic sky illuminated by electronic effects. "In Search of the Ancient Dominion" liberates itself of these ambient introductions in order to lie down a rhythm which gets rid of the winds, the woosh, the wiish and of the larvas of synth, which force a strange harmony, right from the 3rd minute. The movement is fluid and crosses two lines of rhythms; an ambient one with sequences which skip in their shadows and the other one , more discreet, with pulsatory keys which skip with a desire to explode. The synths weave a psychedelic language with piercing and deformed shadows which float among these winds of discord. Except that the announced explosion will not occur. The structure of rhythm, set apart the pulsating line, is wrapped up in a sound ambiospherical decoration which proposes a totally uneven duel between the beat and the ambiences. And that will be the spirit of
Klaus Schulze, for these convoluted structures where everything forms itself in a fascinating symbolic symbiosis of the Picture Music years, which will dominate "In Search of the Ancient Dominion", concluding thus an album which is in the continuity of The Roswell Incident's works. Yes we were “Adrift”!  And this album, with strong perfumes of vintage tones, is for those die-hard fans of old Berlin School
Sylvain Lupari (December 23rd, 2015) &
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