lundi 26 octobre 2015

ERIK WOLLO: Echotides (2015) E.P.

“You want soft ambient rhythms which make dance sweet harmonies? Harmonies which will leave indelible traces in your ears? You are at the right spot with this Echotides!”
Echotides No.1 8:05
Echotides No.2 3:35
Echotides No.3 7:00
Echotides No.4 7:24
Echotides No.5 6:20
Echotides No.6 3:58
Echotides No.7 6:47

Projekt Records| PRO00320 (DDL 43:00) ****
(Ambient rhyhms filled by melodious moods)
I like the music of Erik Wollo! The sonic bard of Norway made a success of the improbable in this universe; have his own sound etiquette that we hear only throughout his sources of inspiration. His inspirations are translated into guitar loops which he likes to put together into long sonic filaments for melancholic atmospheres. Forged in this concept, where he is also experimenting new devices and effects of pedals, “Echotides” offers seven reflections on tides and echoes, among which two main themes which are running on some subtle variations. An album bewitching with delicately enveloping rhythms, like always!
Tootings more seraphic than spectral introduce the first harmonious measures of “Echotides” with the opening of "Echotides No.1". Astral synth waves are covering these harmonious loops of a dense melancholic veil that a delicate line of bass brings to a level of peaceful rhythmic structure. The movement is minimalist and slides slowly towards some electronic percussions which mold a pleasant morphic down-tempo. One of the many pleasures in
Erik Wollo's music! "Echotides No.2" leads us towards some clearly more meditative horizons with a mixture of lines of synth and guitar which forge the magnificence of the Norwegian winds. Erik Wollo lays here some delicate solos from his six-string always so nostalgic. The sweetness element seems essential in the Wollo universe, and this even with rhythms molded on sequences combined with the effects of guitars. At this level, "Echotides No.3" is a superb example with a dreamlike structure where are floating thick masses of breezes with the charms as attractive as their sound colors. "Echotides No.4" reformulates the ghostly melody, which seems to roam everywhere in this E.P., over a structure of rhythm slightly more accentuated than on "Echotides No.3". But here the effects of jerks and percussions sculpture a slightly spasmodic ambient rhythm. And these loops of harmonies forge in our ears a worm from which we shall whistle all day long. The nuances are very beautiful with lines of guitars which float like tears while the rhythm offers more depth with the addition of a well felt line of bass in the middle part. These last two tracks are doubtless the best moments in “Echotides”, although I like this delicate ambient serenade which is "Echotides No.6"."Echotides No.5" continues the exploration of the rhythmic diversities of this last Erik Wollo's E.P. with jolts of sequences filled with organic tones which swirl under the multiple colors of Wollöian breezes. "Echotides No.7"concludes “Echotides” with a slow ambient movement which reminds me so much of  Steve Roach. An artist who influenced this rather particular universe where also here Erik Wollo always seems to find a symphony on the cliffs of his native Norwegian. A beautiful album, always so tenderly poetic, which is available only in downloadable format. The first 300 manufacture-pressed CD having all been sold...
Sylvain Lupari (October 26th, 2015) &
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