jeudi 20 août 2015

TANGERINE DREAM: Dead Solid Perfect (1990)

“A poor album which deserves few words”

Silva Screen ‎– SIL 5079·2 (CD 36:22) *
22 tracks for 36 minutes? Think of it! Is there any place for originality? Any room for real musical search and elaboration? “Dead Solid Perfect” is the proof that even the big ones can crash with a lack of inspiration, of creativity. This third collaboration with Bobby Roth, the Dream had written the music of Heartbreakers and Tonight's The Night in 1989, the music of “Dead Solid Perfect” equals the poor visions of the director. Written in the same era as Three O'Clock High, this “Dead Solid Perfect” is in several aspects very near it with a lot of noises and beats without emotions and without souls. Thus, there is not a lot of room for big projects and for complex tracks loaded with new developments. The result is an empty album, as much in feelings as in creativity where the Dream seems to be bored to death on tracks falsely livened up by percussions, whether it's glockenspiel style, empty bottle sounds and sequenced riffs. Everything is far from being brilliant. It's a dreadful album where the structures seem similar with a total absence of imagination. There are some moments here and there where the gang of Edgar does in synth-pop with a lot of odd titles (A Whore In One, My name is bad Hair, Nice Shots), but it is so boring that it's ridiculous. Nothing worthy of a legendary name! TD even touches the New Age grass with the title-track and US Open, but it's done so badly that it's more than stupid. This is a easy money thing where the effort is not even there. What we will hear later is that Edgar took all he could in order to load his studio of new equipments. That was the main reason, from what I heard, that TD signed for so many movie scores in that time. To me, it's a poor album which deserves only a few words.
Sylvain Lupari (August 20, 2015) &

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