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BERTRAND LOREAU: From Past to Past (2015)

“You are looking for an amazing album of retro Berlin School? From Past to Past is the answer to your quest”
1 Past Never Dies 38:04
2 Journeys Remains the Same 11:00
3 Flying Stones Over the Sea 11:24

Spheric Music |S MCD 6303 (CD 60:28) *****
(Classic Berlin School)
Bertrand Loreau is a resolute person! He is this Gaul who defends the genre retro Berlin School tooth and nail since his beginnings in music. Always very soaked with his nostalgic approach and especially very romantic, he pursues his musical quest  inspired by the music of  Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream with fragrances of his own. The genre gives an alloy of a very old Berlin School perfumed by a French approach always very poetic. Réminiscences, Journey Through the Past and Nostalgic Steps are all titles of album which place without appeal Bertrand's orientations; a nice guy who deserves to be known. And this “From Past to Past” continuous in this lineage. Flanked by Lambert Ringlage, (what a comeback!) and of Olivier Briand (for the second time), Bertrand Loreau signs here the pinnacle album of his career. And as direct as it can sound, “From Past to Past” is the Stratosfear, the Body Love of Loreau. It's an album filled by Mellotron mists, creative synth effects and solos as well as fanciful sequencing patterns in constant transition. The kind of album that we can listen in loops without ever see the time goes. And that begins in strength with this very long introductory track.
"Past Never Dies" begins this last
Bertrand Loreau's sonic offering by a thick cloud of pads which are filled of nasal harmonies. Harmonies which formerly furnished the long parades of Adelbert Von Deyen with tones of old organ of which the long flutes are anesthetized by mists of ether. The journey in time is well and truly begun. White noises which ripen into electronic lappings, give an astral touch while that a meshing of percussions and pulsations liven up the ornamentation of a brief movement of evanescent rhythm. Synth pads as well as bank of mist abound with tones of metal soaked with poetry, enriching so the introduction of "Past Never Dies" of an unreal cosmico-industrial envelope which little by little falls asleep in the breezes of Orion which strew the lunar decoration of this long journey of 40 minutes. Other pads, with more contemporary tones, enhance the setting by dancing some cosmic waltzes on the comings and goings of strands of sequences which break off their keys into long movement of jerks. Keys which collide and movements which cross each others into an ambient rhythmic ballet of which the deep oscillations undulate peacefully in those morphic caresses and those breezes of cosmic angels. The noises stay. They decorate this persistent duality between the fury of the oscillations and their static rhythms which wind languishingly all along those astral territories knotted in the celestial orchestrations of "Past Never Dies". We reach the 15 minutes point and the trio LoreauLambert and Briand brings "Past Never Dies" towards a first quieter phase. A second phase where the movement of sequences unties some of its solitary keys which cavort more peacefully, a little bit innocently even, in the singings and the solos of very creative synths. Even if so delicate, this rhythm manages to seize the interest of our hemispheres with a shadow which gets loose in order to dance in the furrows, but in a countersense, of the main line. The attention to details stays the key of a long sonic river which borders the 40 minutes. And here, Bertrand Loreau neglects nothing. Throughout the delicate permutations in the ambiences and in the rhythms, the synthesist of Nantes decorates those transitions of one thousand nuances and subtleties which thwart a possible, and likely in many cases, weariness of the listening. But not here! Everything is thought in all details. The moods pass in transit quietly in the sweetness of the rhythms and those ones migrate towards sequences either a little more lively or a little more dreamy. And other sequences get loose. They are sharp but they dance  with more energy, weaving a good rhythmic earworm in order to awaken the third and last phase of "Past Never Dies".
We are near the 29th minute point and the movement makes itself violence. It waves among magnetic singings and where spin a thick cloud of parasitic noises under the aegis of synth pads filled by fragrances of ether and by these choruses which get lost in this sound illusion where every detail is weaved in the complexity. The sequences castigate and flutter. Going of deep kicks there, as well as of long capers, in the anarchy of the oscillations which keep on the other hand always this fascinating approach of harmony in stormy rhythms. This is big EM which little by little reaches the point of complete serenity at around the 33 minutes. But still there, the sequences are dancing and jumping in the reverberation of their own knockings, a little as to say that "Past Never Dies" never really dies. "Journeys Remains the Same" approaches our ears with the same one a bit sneaky which has made vibrate the second phase of "Past Never Dies". The rhythm is delicate. It's embroidered in a meshing of sequences and electronic percussions among which the indefatigable cabrioles form a line of minimalist saccade with loops which skip in the harmonies of a synth, and of its solos weaved in some kind of dream paper, before liquefying itself in a finale stuffed of gas of ether. A finale which get melt to the opening of "Flying Stones Over the Sea" which is dedicated to the memory of
Edgar Froese and which is the most dynamic track of “From Past to Past”. In a more lively, a quicker movement,  the keys of the sequencer agglutinate all over and skip here and there with more strength, multiplying thus loops over frenzied loops and oscillations over furious oscillations into perfumes of Mellotron which spreads its clouds of mists charged of ether. The psychedelic sounds, the morphic pads and this wild rhythm which runs of its small and lively steps to lose breath make no doubt regarding the spirit which fills the airs behind its conception. And suddenly everything is finished. It doesn't matter because we begin again!
This will happen to you once you will unpack this last
Bertrand Loreau's album. “From Past to Past” is a real incursion in time but with the philosophy of a clearly more contemporary writing style where the poetry, the romanticism and the melancholy of Bertrand Loreau overfly with grace the subtle transitions of two long acts of “From Past to Past”. It's a real fiesta of retro Berlin School with the bests in the field. And Bertrand Loreau, just like Olivier Briand with his surprising The Tape, reaches the zenith of his career with this album which demonstrates that the kind still has and definitively something  to offer if one shows boldness and originality. It's a magnificent album. A classic to become!
Sylvain Lupari (July 4th, 2015) &
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  1. Autre magnifique album de Bertrand. Quand la French Touch assimile la Berlin School... Très agréable surprise !


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