samedi 6 juin 2015

GLENN MAIN: Into the Blue

“This is a nice album where the fans of Jarre will be on known ground and those of Glenn Main will discover an opus full of catchy rhythms and melodies. His best to date!”
1 Deep Within 5:16
2 Dusty Rider 3:24
3 Crying 4:24
4 Fun Fare 3:32
5 In the Mood for Flow 3:57
6 Promethium 4:25
7 Mother Boah 4:58
8 Deep Ocean Blue 3:24
9 Synthetic Opera 3:34
10 Pulsing Resonance 4:30
11 Animalistica 3:58
12 Goodbye Friend 4.32

ADMusic | AD143CD (CD 49:54) ***½
(Blend of cosmic Pop and Electronica)
A synth is whistling, with a timbre a bit fluty, on the vestiges of a buzzing shadow from which the radiances and the impulses make ring some carillons and skip wandering chords. It's from this contrast that a line of resonant sequence makes oscillate and dance its keys in a pattern of electronic rhythm which attracts us irreparably in the universe of the cradle of Glenn Main's influences. "Deep Within" infiltrates our ears with an electronic hymn clearly more melodious than lively. The synth blows some solos which coo on a line of sequences of which the soft oscillations sculpt a rhythm which kicks the mood like the most peaceful ones of Chronology. Very Cartesian in his approach, Glenn Main settles a sonic decoration which is situated near the galaxies without turning the back on a musical genre which brushes a synth-pop and which looks for its dens in the electronica. Without reinventing his style, which goes from Oxygene to Chronology in passing by Revolutions, and with a clearly more polished up approach, Glenn Main offers doubtless with “Into the Blue” is best opus to date. For his 2nd album on the English label AD Music, the synthesist from Norway signs a beautiful collection of 12 tracks which is a real hits machine loaded of lively electronic hymns. And feel reassured, the influences and especially the imprints of Jean Michel Jarre are there omnipresent. And Glenn Main uses it of a right way by mixing analog and digital eras. By mixing admirably both poles, Oxygene to Chronology, in a harmonious envelope which carries more his signature than that of the French synth wizard.
"Dusty Rider" sticks to the finale of "Deep Within" and offers a more nervous rhythm. The meshing of sequences and percussions, very analog beat-box genre, gives a very lively depth to a rhythm which also holds a beautiful simplistic melody; the most beautiful charm of “Into the Blue”. Each piece of music, well mostly, possesses its musical itch. Like in "Crying" and its keyboard which scrolls its chords on sequences jumping up slightly in clouds of astral mist and in a sound envelope which lives on the cosmic ambiences of
Jarre without becoming soaked too much with it. "Fun Fare" is as much appealing as "Dusty Rider". The synth throws beautiful harmonious solos while the rhythm trembles in the air with a very catchy melody. Perfume of Oxygene, for the rattling percussions, and Revolutions, for the rhythm and harmonies, fill our ears here. And it's even more fascinating on "Promethium", by far the most beautiful track of “Into the Blue”, with its cosmic rhythm of the Oxygene years. The electronica approach is also very present with tracks like "Mother Boah" and "Pulsing Resonance" and with a delicious down-tempo with a Chill zest which is "In the Mood for Flow". "Synthetic Opera" does very Chronology with a very nice layer of choirs, just like "Animalistica" and its ambivalent structure of rhythm which unwinds its curves and jerks under a thick cloud of squeaks and animal noises of any kinds. There are softer tracks too. Like the very moody and lunar "Deep Ocean Blue", which is a beautiful cosmic romance with a very melancholic synth, and "Goodbye Friend" which ends this album with a beautiful Vangelis approach.
I rather agree with the press guide when it mentions that this second album from the Norwegian synthesist to appear on
AD Music label is his most finished in date. The compositions are well structured and Glenn Main amazes with a fascinating control of a kind that several are to break teeth, of which himself, by trying too much to imitate their idol. Honest, very musical and filled with beautiful moments, “Into the Blue” is the album which it is necessary to listen to if we want to enter Glenn Main's universe.
Sylvain Lupari (June 5th, 2015) &
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