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TANGERINE DREAM: Canyon Dreams (1991)

“Gathering the music of Franke, Froese and Haslinger, Canyon Dreams is a fair soundtrack which doesn't deserve to be forgotten”

1 Shadow Flyer 5:47  
2 Canyon Carver 4:20 
3 Water's Gift 5:27 
4 Canyon Voices 4:28  
5 Sudden Revelation 4:48  
6 A Matter of Time 8:56 
7 Purple Nightfall 2:08 
8 Colorado Dawn 4:28 
9. Rocky Mountain Hawk 5:06

TDI CD021 (45:28) ***½ (Easy listening EM)
Canyon Dreams” is the beginning of Tangerine Dream's Seattle era. A period of four years which will present us a more rock and more electric version of TD. But just before that Froese son & father dig in the lands of Rockoon and beyond, they present a music, a soundtrack which has more relaxing approach, being even nominated for a Grammy in the section of the best New Age album in 1991. A documentary shoot around the 85 year, by the American film company Camera One, about nature and surroundings; “Canyon Dreams” has knew some twists before ending in this final version. A first version, a bootleg version, came out a few months before the official release and was named The Canyon Dreams. It featured a better sounding straight from the laser disc source with new music and different time edits. Then came the VHS source and the DVD in 99 which included the track "Rocky Mountain Hawk" written by Jerome Froese, giving thus 4 items to seek and to buy for the collectors of Tangerine Dream. So if you follow the story; a bootleg came first,  an official CD was released in 1991 on the Miramar label, then in 1999 TDI launched a version with "Rocky Mountain Hawk" and finally in 2009 Membrane released “Canyon Dreams” in a digipack format.
The music in “Canyon Dreams” gathers the one of the Franke,
Froese and Haslinger but was remixed by Jerome. And as the first chords of "Shadow Flyer" fall, we feel perfectly the style of the trio who gave us Underwater Sunlight and Tyger. Imaginative, creative and visionary. A flute with a tribal aroma follows a nervous keyboard and a hopping sequencing. The rhythm is steady and follows this vision about a wildlife and these risky hazards of the Grand Canyon, like the rather convincing opening "Water's Gift". Sober and efficiency the music gives all the imposing presence to the images with soft, smooth, floating and drifting tracks as "Canyon Voices" and "Sudden Revelation". It's nice and it sounds like real New Age. "A Matter of Time" is a nice track, with possibly the best shots in the movie, with a melodic pattern which sounds like the most beautiful moments of Song of the Whale from Underwater Sunlight , while that "Purple Nightfall" ends smoothly an album which fits the aim of the images. The two other tracks were written and recorded by Jerome and have left me stunned. If their artistic aims sound out of tune, in particular "Colorado Dawn" which is a beautiful and fascinating melody, they don't raise at all the musical approach of Canyon Dreams. "Rocky Mountain Hawk" is a long track with nebulous ambiences which let suggest the howling of a Sasquash on a floating flute. Both tracks can tied any links to the spirit created by  Franke, Froese and Haslinger
A dilemma for collector, the first 35 minutes of “Canyon Dreams” is the real version, but not the one from the laser disc. But it still remains to nearest one to the film, even if it has a new mastering from Jerome, with an artistic vision which respects the aim and the soul of a great shooting. The versions that Jerome has reworked and added new music to it are not bad, but there is something missing. Nowadays you can find the original version at a fair price on eBay. Don't pay for the bootleg, as the Jerome version is better, imho. This is a beautiful soundtrack. Maybe the last of the good albums from this era of TD, with the wild The Park is Mine, which doesn't deserve to be forgotten.
Sylvain Lupari (September 2007, Translated on January 30th, 2015) &

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