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JAVI CANOVAS: Eunomia (2015)

“As usual and without surprises, Javi Canovas proposes here another sweet moment where good vintage Berlin School takes the shape of gorgeous hypnotic rhythmic labyrinths”

1 Sophrosýne 17:41
2 Phrónesis 16:40
3 Andreía 20:09
4 Dikaiosýne 15:06

Javi Canovas Music (DDL 69:37) ***½ (Vintage Berlin School)
A sinuous wave, with metallic contours a bit nasal, crawls between our four walls while that some delicate synth pads, clouded by a perfume of Mellotron and ethereal voices, make counterbalance with a warmer and more musical tone. Roaming as an intro which searches for its dens in works such as Phaedra, "Sophrosýne" sets the tone to this last album of Javi Canovas who renews thus with his perfumes of origin where albums as Light Echoes, in 2006, and In This Moment, In This Place, in 2009, where fed on ambiences of the Franke, Froese and Baumann years. Clearly far from the very structured dozen of tracks of Axiom, “Eunomia” dives into long structures soaked of ambiospherical introductions and finales where the sequences dance on airs of improvisation and swirl of their minimalist ballets, untying some edgy shadows which feed sometimes nervous, and sometimes ambient, rhythms which remain always fascinating. We are in the lands of good vintage Berlin School!
The first 5 minutes of "Sophrosýne" dip the listener into a bath of ether. The movement of sequences which gets free from it makes do kicks to its keys which pound in a disordered frenetic shroud. The oscillations of the rhythm are ample and the shadows of the keys which get loose are taking directions, as rhythmic as harmonic, where other keys, with more crystal clear tones, invite "Sophrosýne" in an interesting ballet tinted of nuances. We have here the main structure of skipping and bouncy sequences that will feed the 4 phases of “Eunomia”, but with slightly different nuances here and there. The sequences dominate over the synths which weave ambiences with fluty singings, wrapping this first track of
Canovas' last album of a meditative aura which makes contrast with the motionless violence of the rhythm. "Phrónesis" is more speedy and proposes a catchy structure of rhythm with hyper nervous lines of sequences which go up and go down and alternate the pace with nervous fluttering, sweeping the cosmic winds of the synths which become less shy here by throwing small harmonious phases and beautiful ethereal solos. The moods recall deliciously these cosmic fogs of a famous German trio. It's a very good track, but the biggest surprise of “Eunomia” goes to "Andreía". The structure of the rhythm is soft, kind of Steve Roach's Empetus years, while the ambiences shine of the best moments from the Dream's Mellotron mist. The best part is undoubtedly this transition between Roach and the Dream which takes place after a brief ambiospherical passage in the middle of the track. This goes for our radio show; Le Murmure du Son! "Dikaiosýne" takes the same ambient cloudiness with slender synth lines which waltz in the void. One would imagine some singings of interstellar whales. Sequences drum with figures of random rhythms which fall like some allegorical serpentines all along walls aglow of electronic tones. Little by little, these switching keys become out of breath. The cracklings of the electronic cymbals reactivate the life of "Dikaiosýne". The sequencing pattern takes back the road of the crushed dances. Like bones which skip in all directions on a conveyor, the keys eventually adopt a shape of minimalist organic rhythm which beats beneath silky synth layers. Keys get away. Spitting organic strands and resounding tones, they borrow the clothes of "Sophrosýne" and its ample oscillations which run under synth lines fill up of sibylline singings. Seducing, appealing! Like good old Berlin School.
With his 18 albums over a period of 10 years, it's obvious that the style of
Javi Canovas repeats itself. The Spanish synthesist may alternate his approaches by producing ambient music, a music nearest the prog rock style or simply good old EM, his music always breathes of the same perfume of the beautiful analog years. But very often he manages to pass at another level by taking directions, I'm thinking of "Andreía", which amaze as much as charm. I enjoyed listening this “Eunomia”. At the end of the day, it remains to be a great vintage Berlin School album where Javi Canovas weaves some very charming hypnotic rhythmic labyrinths.
Sylvain Lupari (February 18th,2 015) &
You can find this album on the Bandcamp page of Javi Canovas here

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