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JEROME FROESE: #! (Shebang) EP 2014)

“Short and sweet, the music of #! (Shebang) flows in our ears with all the magic of Jerome's Guitartronica world”

1 #! (Shebang) 6:46
2 640 KB 6:48
3 At Marianas Trench (Surfaced! 2014) 5:24

Moonpop | Moon ltdcd-004 (E.P. 18:58) ****
(E-Rock, e-ballad and IDM dipped in the Guitartronica)
Hey, does  Jerome's busy! Besides being very present with Loom, he works on tracks that he wrote or co-wrote during his years in Tangerine Dream in the Orange Sized Dreams trilogy and he also simmer another small project, always unknown to date, which is promised to be quite a pleasant surprise to his fans. In order to avoid these fans, of whom I am, to wait too much for new music, he has released an EP at the same moment as Orange Sized Dreams (Works 1990 - 1995). “# ! (Shebang)” is his first EP, and new music by the way, since the making of the boiling single Einzelkind, released a little before his last studio album (Far Side of the Face), back in 2012. Well! Don't expect to be thrown down of your chair, because Jerome is rather honeyed on this EP of which the name moreover sounds like a threat for a wilder music. Hum...But the taming is worthy of the final result.
The title-track opens “# ! (Shebang)” with a rather delicate approach. The rhythm is slow and gulps cheerfully some percussions a bit nervous and the muffled knocks of bass pulsations. Sequences are fluttering around like a tease for ears on a pretty melodious rhythm which is snatched by the slow and curt mooings of the Guitartronica. Like a sonic spider, Jerome drags us in his sound web. And that becomes heavy, sinister with brief duels which exchange ethereal phases for an abrupt, heavy and slow rhythm which rests on motionless and fluttering sequences. There is never anything really anodyne in
Jerome Froese's works. "640 KB" proves it. At first sight, the music seems devoid of interests. The rhythm is ambient. Stationary, it flutters on the random design of the sequence beats and on synth pads which draw movements of leaves falling from a tree...but which never land on the ground. Comes then a thick cloud of pounding sequences and some bizaroïd percussions whose fight divides the momentum of the always motionless rhythm of "640 KB" which gulps on the other hand each of its seconds to fatten its sonic shroud. And the draft becomes harmony. And the ambient rhythm becomes heavy. The Guitartronica and those percussions to the very unknown tones are torturing this beat, making of it something very pleasant to hear. "640 KB" is this kind of track which seduces more and more at each new listening. The mark of a great track. I quite enjoyed the ambient At Marianas Trench which was nesting on the superb Neptunes. What a beautiful album that was! So, if both introductions are always so misty, dark, "At Marianas Trench (Surfaced! 2014)" gets rid of its ambient membrane to offer a kind of Chill House mood where Jerome's very acid percussions draw a nervous rhythm which always likes to keep the ambient scent of its double wrote back in 2005. I prefer this version. In fact I always like what Jerome makes. The rock touch and the loud sounding mix in a kind of IDM, or simply e-rock, are rather unique and it's very rich at the level of sounds. And # ! (Shebang) doesn't make exception, even if I have to underline that the first listening will leave you perplexed. It's a small jewel that our ears have to polish. And then comes the delight...

Sylvain Lupari (December 24th, 2014) &

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