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JEROME FROESE: Orange Sized Dreams (Works 1990 - 1995) (2014)

“OSD is yet another compilation out of the sound univers of TD. Is it worth? I guess if you are a die hard fan, yes. If not...Well, I leave it to yourself”
1 Backstreet Hero (Studio Version 1992) 8:10 
2 Little Blonde in the Park of Attractions (Alternative Take 1995/Redux 2014) 7:32
3 Agent or Police? (Dream Mixes 1 Leftover 1995) 5:14
4 Jungle Journey (Uncooked Version 1994) 6:08
5 Two Bunch Palms (Studio Version 1992) 5:25
6 Penguin Reference (Angels vs Demons Mix 1991/Redux 2014) 4:32
7 Treasure of Innocence (Guitar Version 1992) 3:48
8 Twilight Brigade (Ultra 6 String Take 1994) 9:34
9 220V (SBE 96 Rehearsal Version 1992/Redux 1996) 7:08
10 Comfortably Numb (Dream Mixes 1 Leftover 1995) 5:32
11 Cymbeline (Original Version 1992/Redux 2014) 7:23

Moonpop | Moon CD-709 (CD 70:31) *** (E-Rock and E-Ballad)
Those who follow my reviews know how much I like Jerome. So I took a chance with this first part of a trilogy to come entitled Orange Sized Dreams. According to the guide of press, OSD is a personal collection about the music that Jerome has composed during his years with Tangerine Dream, be from 1990, with Melrose, and 2006, with 40 Years Roadmap To Music. The first part, “Orange Sized Dreams (Works 1990 - 1995)”, covers the periods of Rockoon to Tyranny of Beauty, including the 220 Volt Live year, we find 5 tracks from this album here, plus some leftovers, unreleased tracks which didn't make it on the first Dream Mixes album back in 95 and 3 overhauled tracks that Jerome totally re-recorded in his studio this year.
The whole thing starts with a studio version of "Backstreet Hero". The energy, the electricity from 220 Volt Live album is so absent, but the track spits all the same its ardor. On the other hand, "Two Bunch Palms" is more furious. A bit wilder and not bad at all. I also prefer the version of "Treasure of innocence" which is more rock, less ethereal. And what good guitar solos we have here. If the rehearsal version of "220 V" left me on my appetite, it's the even worse with "Cymbeline" which is a version of the wild and furious Hamlet that I consider without passion here. It's more electronic, mostly ethereal and downright less rock. And for each of these tracks, even the good studio versions, the electricity which was getting out of 220 Volt Live, which is a real blow of mass between the ears by the way, is lacking. I once again took 220 Volt Live out of the balls-of-moths and keep it playing in loops for a good week. So, thank you Jerome for this blow of nostalgia. Linda Spa's saxophone in "Little Blonde in the Park of Attractions", from the Tyranny of Beauty album, is totally crossed off from the map here. In fact, did Miss Spa played in 
TD during the Jerome years? I'm saying this because all of her parts are totally erased on this “Orange Sized Dreams (Works 1990 - 1995)”. Unless my ears are playing tricks on me here. You know...Sax versus synths. This new version outlines even more this nice opposition of the phases between the ethereal moments and those heavier with a Jerome in total control who shows all of his abilities behind a console in a studio. I prefer this version, although this kind of ballad which dance between a soft e-rock and New Age has never attracted me. Here, it's someone who has never stand the Dream Mixes projects who is going to write about of its 2 leftovers that Jerome has overhauled in order to give them a more techno, more danceable approach. Thus I didn't really liked "Agent or Police?" which has an abrupt structure of rhythm with very furious bass pulsations and percussions which roll with insanity. On the other hand "Comfortably Numb", although heavy and hopping like some good Chill House, seems to me more melodious. But I understand why both tracks were leftovers. I didn't really noticed some differences between this "Jungle Journey" and that of Turn of the Tides, set apart that it seems to me more stifled, distant. Anyway, I don't really understand this thing called Uncooked Version! And what about this thing named Angels vs. Devils Mix? It's the seal of this new version of "Penguin Reference" which has also lost its saxophone airs. But that doesn't make of it something more furious. It remains a beautiful melody, with a better contribution of the percussions here, which shines a little more on this “Orange Sized Dreams (Works 1990 - 1995)”.
Did I like? Not more than that! If I liked some of the remodeled versions of tracks that we found on the 3 studio targeted albums by “Orange Sized Dreams (Works 1990 - 1995)”, I also found out on the other hand why leftovers were leftovers! The music we heard on 220 Volt Live and of which
Jerome reworked here leaves me perplexed. If some offer more dynamism, the portions of saxophone being totally erased, the lacking of electrifying mood which was the key of this superb album wear a shade at the good arrangements. And this we cannot take it away to Jerome; he is beast in a studio! A beast who leaves some beautiful sound imprints, even when his needs to track new preys is not totally justified.
Sylvain Lupari (December 24th, 2014) & 

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