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STEVE ROACH & JORGE REYES: The Ancestor Circle (2014)

“Each rock that Steve Roach turns in the desert releases a sonic perfume as we can't hear anywhere else! You doubt it? Try The Ancestor Circle”

1 The Circle Opens 9:04 
2 Memories Unsuspended 24:49 
3 Espacio Escultorico 9:36 
4 Spirit, Stone and Bone 4:19 
5 Procession of Ancestors 10:20 
6 Temple of Dust 15:12

Projekt | PRO 00310 (CD 73:23) ****
(Tribal ambient music)
The circle opens with hootings. The roarings of the winds from "The Circle Opens" rage of their scarlet rustlings in a slow sonic tornado where the percussions are cawing like some big bullfrogs and where the synth lines let filter sibylline chants that the winds flog of fine wrinkles of electric smoke. The rhythm is ambient. It waddles like a delicate contemplative tribal trance under the rustles of arrhythmic percussions, as tribal as organic. It lulls itself without ambitions none, except to maintain its ambient effect, under the humid breezes of dark caves where stroll voices of spectres. Like an astral journey where souls moisten the walls of the memories, "The Circle Opens" introduces us in this unexpected collection of a music forgotten in the vaults of Timeroom. “The Ancestor Circle” has found its source when Steve Roach discovered a series of music recordings written and played with the missed Mexican musician Jorge Reyes at the time of the album Vine, Bark and Spore in the spring of 2000. The first four tracks are pulled from these sessions while the last two ones were developed in the spirit of May 2000. Steve Roach added new sound elements, bringing a contemporary touch while he reassembled and mixed this album in the same studios, in the summer of 2014. And the spirit of Jorge Reyes is there, without a shadow of a doubt.
The cornerstone of this album built around two decades is undoubtedly "Memories Unsuspended", which seem to drawn its inspiration from the music of the trio Suspended Memories where the duet Roach/Reyes united their atmospheres with the textural guitar of Suso Saiz. The initial winds arise from caves to travel on the desert plains where the singings of the reptiles shiver as the ropes of crossbows. Winds whip these quivering percussions and melt with the shamanic chants while "Memories Unsuspended" shows a kind of crescendo constantly rebuffed by the strength of the static winds and these spectral voices which decorate a contemplative ambient tribal trance. The voices are at times powerful and disturbing, while the percussions, and their organic envelopes, seduce as much as these tides of winds which jostle the wild passivity of "Memories Unsuspended". The music plunges into a kind of crazy clanic trance with wild incantations, shrill winds and superb percussions, as tribal as organic, which rustle in an opera for spectres of the desert. And big hollow winds calm the violence of the age-old spirits, slowing down the crusade of "Memories Unsuspended" which shares its last 10 minutes between rhythms abandoned in textural ambiences and a shower of synth lines where the shamanic meditative aromas and the cabalistic colors of twilight merge into a fascinating symphony for forgotten ghosts. Each rock that
Steve Roach turns in the desert releases a sonic perfume as anywhere else! Whatever in solo or with Vidna Obama, Byron Metcalf or Mark Seelig, the wizard of the contemporary sounds always succeeds so much to astound that to seduce in a music style where lack of originality and feelings led inevitably to the boredom. And so progresses “The Ancestor Circle”. The ambient passages, in particular the very good "Espacio Escultorico", are constantly pecked by superb percussions and layers of synth perfumed with harmonies and moods as poetic as sibylline. In order to underline what I am saying you have to hear tracks like "Spirit, Stone and Bone" and "Procession of Ancestors" to seize all the musical depth which bring those percussions along the winds and the strange chants of the breezes which wrap the hypnotic arrhythmic movements of “The Ancestor Circle”. One would really imagine being near a secret world that Roach depicts with the correctness, the righteousness that we know him for. Ambient, wrapping and intense, "Temple of Dust" abandons a little the prayers and the shamanic trances to offer us these soft meditative soundscapes unique to Steve Roach's directory. It's the calm after a violent sound storm where the meditative rhythms are far from being soporific.
Sylvain Lupari (November 4th, 2014) &

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