lundi 1 décembre 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questioning regarding the way Synth & Sequences is working. Here are some answers.
(this page will constantly be updated)

1) Fisrt of all; what his Synth & Sequences? And what kind of music is takled, reviewed here?
It's a webzine, a blog about Electronic Music. But not all kinds. The one known as Berlin School  (Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Ramp, Lambert Ringlage and als) and its derived like the New Berlin School, the England School (Arc, Redshift, Ian Boddy, etc...) the Netherlands School (Ron Boots, Gert Emmens, etc...), the Poland School (P. Rudz, Yarek and als) as well as the French School (O.Briand, B. Loreau and J. M. Jarre) and finally the Pacific West Coast School known for the music of Steve Roach and others from the Projekt label or the Spotted Peccary label.

2) You want your music to be reviewed?
First of all, be sure that your music will fit the taste of Synth & Sequences readers. Independant artists are more than welcome here. My ears are always open for good new EM. Just keep in mind that it is no place here for techno, IDM or dance music. I'm trying to keep this site faithful to its goal; letting know at the widest range possible the Berlin School style and it's buds. Priority is given to physical CD's. Depending the work I have ahead, I can also accept FLAC files with (this is important) complete artworks and inner notes. You can send your request to be reviewed at this adress:

3) Why it could take days, sometimes weeks, before I can read about the music I sent?
This is a big issue for a lot of artists and music managers. I think that the music needs a deep listening before writing about it. Thus because I could listening up to 5 times, it's a good average, an album before building my mind, each album sent need at least one day of listening. And as a simple reminder; this is not my job! I'm doing this on a volunteer base and my biggest goal is to give a largest and honest exposure to EM. And also, keep in mind that I'm writing as well in English as in French and that I'm also affect by a serious illness which slows me quite often...

4) How come we can read about psybient, down-tempos, contemporary dance music IDM or New Age?
Some of the artists, or labels, who enrich the reviews on this blog will release from time to time delicious psybient music. This is how I ended to listen and review, drop by drop, the music of Ultimae Records label, the contemporary dance music of the DiN label (Ian Boddy) and the psy down-tempos from artist out of the SynGate label. The ADMusic label has solid ties with this Blog since its creation. Now the label of David Wright is also producing contemporary dance music and some New Age. This explain why you will find a great variety of styles on this Blog.

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