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REALTIME: Live in Cologne (The Dominikaner Session) (2014)

“Live in Cologne (The Dominikaner Session) is a good live album and a good way to be introduce to the lunar moods and beats of Realtime”
1 Deep Inside 13:58
2 Move on into Space 10:54
3 Lunar Habitat 5:55
4 Voyage to Virgo 9:43
5 Up up to the Sky 5:53
6 Equinocticum 13:00
7 Jam de Electronique 8:39

SynGate | CD-r RT04 (CD-r 68:02) ***½
(Ambient and cosmic e-rock)
The beauty of the Internet and its various download platforms is this link of friendship which exists from now on between an artist and his public. Let us take the example of Realtime which since its 2nd breath with the Solar Walk album republishes its first two works while giving some live shows. Following this new craze from their Berlin fans, the duet gave a concert in April 2014 at the Cologne Cathedral. A well welcomed concert where Realtime performed old tracks from the first 2 albums; "Move on into Space", "Lunar Habitat" et "Up up to the Sky". Besides "Voyage to Virgo", from Solar Walk, Thomas Bock and Norbert Hensellek have performed nearly 40 minutes of music. In front of the very positive reaction of the public and the requests of fans, Realtime has put on-line, via the SynGate platform this concert soberly entitled “Live in Cologne (The Dominikaner Session)”.
Basically the new music proposed on this album in concert is the equivalent of what we find in
Solar Walk with ambient rhythms, set apart the very energetic "Up up to the Sky" and of its spacey Jarre structure, which try to emerge from dense ambiocosmic veils. And it's in this environment that "Deep Inside" extricate itself from the loudspeakers. Noises of interstellar machineries and rather black breaths of Orion suppress a minimalist lunar rhythm of which the flow of normal march and a little more accelerated one merge into an evasive rhythmic structure a bit jerky. This slow stroboscopic thin line spreads its sequences which hiccup quite slowly before dissolving into an ambient passage full of interstellar noises. A line of bass remains snuggled up well at the bottom, pounding randomly in search of a rising rhythm. A rhythm which reappears a little after the mark of 8 minutes with keys of bass sequence which beat delicately under the aegis of a concert of cosmic voices which hum in good orchestral arrangements. This is good ambient cosmic rock which reminds unmistakably the vintages years, especially with the electronic arrangements which breathe the Picture Music years from Klaus Schulze. Arrangements that we recognize easily on the following 4 tracks with interpretations which pushes us a little bit more in the lunar moods of Realtime. "Equinocticum" is the 2nd unreleased track on “Live in Cologne (The Dominikaner Session)” and its intro inhales the orchestral arrangements of Software with veils of synth which float in discreet solos perfumed of melancholy and of dark voices of which the secret singings throw a veil of mysticism to this intro which exceeds the 6 minutes. Come then some delicate ions which skip in the ashes of voice and the envelope of violins with jumps rather timid and whose symmetry forges a delicious rhythm as much minimalist than morphic. It's with a rhythm a little more frank, a little more jerky that "Jam de Electronique" ends “Live in Cologne (The Dominikaner Session)”. If the rhythm possesses all the ingredients to offer a solid e-rock, it remains on the other hand rather passive by struggling in a cosmic broth multicolored by streaks which scroll like oversize stars. A brief ambient passage, fed by voices of cosmonauts, separates the track which grows heavy with pulsations of a technoïd kind which get "Jam de Electronique" heavier and more alive, without never reaching the summits of "Up up to the Sky", and which concludes a good album which can easily serve as front door in the universe of Realtime.
Sylvain Lupari (August 20th, 2014) &
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