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EBIA: Hunter of Worlds (2009)

“What we have here is a nice album of Space Techno which beats in the sheets of an old Berlin School style”
1 Galactic Quest 6:13
3 Hunter of Worlds 6:15
3 Passing Tripoint Station 6:14
4 Solar Eclipse (Dub Mix) 7:17  
5 Voyage in Night 6:18
6 Invader 6:50  
7 Brothers of Earth 5:52 
8 Cosmic Flight (Remix) 6:04  
9 Gates of Chaos 7:23
10 Faded Sun 6:43

SynGate | CD-r EM04 (CD-r 67:09) ***½
(Space techno and lunar down-tempos in a Berlin School sauce)
Faithful to its trademark, SynGate takes the bet to make us discover new artists who get out yokes of traditional EM in order to embrace a more libertine musical style and by ricochet a more accessible one. Ebia is the musical project of Jörg Bialinska who presents his 4th album in “Hunter of Worlds”. A title far from reflecting an extraterrestrial vision but rather a collection of 10 tracks which borrow the spheres of a lively rhythmic music. One can say that it's a kind of music for dance-floor which battles between melodious ambiospherical layers and wild rhythms beaten by percussions which drive with strength and dynamism.
And "Galactic Quest" starts the moods pretty well and depicts this musical universe that will fill the ears on this last opus of the German synthesis. After an ambient intro enriched of a guttural voice and some very nice ambiosonic synth pads, the percussions fall down and crush the moods with powerful knocks which hammer a stroboscopic and neurotic structure. A rhythm where the speed of percussions fits to the undulation of bass sequences and run on a synth filled of beautiful harmonies and some childish tunes which fly off the handle on a heavy and lively musical structure. Jörg Bialinska has the beat in the blood and the title-track borrows the same pulsating path but with a more unctuous, a more harmonious synth, quite as on the structures of "Voyage in Night", "Invader", although sharply more cosmic, "Brothers of Earth", "Cosmic Flight (Remix)" and the aggressive "Gates of Chaos". "Passing Tripoint Station" offers a different mood with a slower intro which beats by the means of some fascinating rubber kind of resounding percussions and hands banging. Bit by bit, this intro becomes delicately misty with a zest of a languishing techno wrapped by a synth with charming lyrical stratus. This is what I could call a kind of soft techno or either a soft down-tempo, quite as "Solar Eclipse (Dub Mix)" which marinates for a long time in an ambiospherical intro filled of childish and mocking vocal harmonies before increasing and decreasing its crescendo. This is one of the good tracks of “Hunter of Worlds” with also Faded Sun which flows in the ear like "Passing Tripoint Station".
I finally ended by liking this “Hunter of Worlds”. What Ebia offers here is an album of Space Techno which runs between its very paradoxical nuances and vibes. These spacey elements coil up both in fierce rhythms and their paced beats and the ethereal mists of a spatial music build upon the basis of old Berlin School style with some very nice floating and harmonious layers.
Sylvain Lupari (August 22nd, 2009 and translated on August 17th, 2014)

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You can read the French version here

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