jeudi 31 juillet 2014

AD MUSIC: 40 of the Very Best Laid Back EM Themes (2014)

“40 of the Very Best Laid Back EM Themes is a real treasure chest which hide 40 jewels of the most versatile styles in modern EM”
(DDL 158:37 ) *** 
Here is well more than 25 years than AD Music charms the ears and diversifies the styles with a ceaselessly increasing and faithful legion of fans. From David Wright to Acheloo, while passing by Code Indigo and Divine Matrix, the English label establishes itself like a pioneer in the rise of EM, both driving based sequences and relaxing, with artists from all around the world, adding so a sweet tribal touch to its already versatile catalog. To underline this major event in the development of EM, AD Music presents an impressive collection, available only in downloadable format, of more than 3 hours of music. “40 of the Very Best Laid Back EM Themes” is a real gold mine. A treasure chest which hide 40 cinematographic, ethnic, rhythmic or purely ethereal cosmic pieces of music. There are true values. Artists that we know very well and who need no more presentation. I think among others of the pioneers of the label; David WrightRobert Fox and Code Indigo. There are also artists of this new generation that AD Music supports constantly. Jewels such as Divine Matrix, The Pels Syndicate, Dreamerproject, Dead Beat Project, Geigertek, Sylvain Carel and Claudio Merlini. There are also several artists who are totally unknown to me, while others begin their hatchings on the label. Thus this is the right time to discover all the depth of the English label. I quite loved "Atlantis" from Robert de Fresnes, a good down-tempo filled with percussions, as rolling as slamming, which are thundering in some beautiful, floating and dreamy orchestrations. A good kind of chill or rather a romantic down-tempo, quite as "Econ Theme" from Wim which really has a harmonious Vangelis depth. The variety of the genres makes doubtless the force, even if criticized rather inequitably, of the famous label. We cannot like the soft and poetic "Ocean of Light", from The Kobolt Project, which mixes deliciously a New Age approach in a yoke of tribal music. Idem for the beautiful orchestrations which feed the rather fluid and dreamy style of Bekki William. My finds? There are some very beautiful. I think among others at this "Watching Lava Plumes on Io" from Iotronica and its dreamy sequences which swirl in spiral in the shadows of an infectious guitar. I hear Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock. Yet, there is also this hybrid side of The Kobolt Project who rocks between a sweet down-tempo, a bit chill, and electronica. It worth the listening. "Radioscope" from Ash Prema plunges us in full territory of Tangerine Dream from the Jerome Froese years. I quite enjoyed this good e-rock. There are very sweet artists, kind of New Age bards like Paul Sills or  Steve Orchard. Others are doing good techno and synth-pop, like Lord of the Ants and Witchcraft. In brief, a musical mosaic which explores all the styles of EM. The only absentee is the based sequences of the Berlin School style remodelled à la sauce Anglaise. There is indeed Callisto and David Wright or yet Code Indigo, but the selection of the tracks offers the most accessible, less adventurous side of those artists. But it's the main purpose of this compilation and the selectors aimed straight in the middle of it.
40 of the Very Best Laid Back EM Themes” intends to be a compilation where one discovers the artists of the label in the savours that we savour as much at the beach, in parties, alone or in car. This impressive collection offers just it needs to cheer up the senses and the ears, to make our legs dance and our dreams float, just while leaving this small something which will urge a greenhorn listener to dive into this universe and to stuff himself the paunch for the coming months.
Sylvain Lupari (July 31st, 2014) &

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