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MICHAEL BRÜCKNER: Thirteen Rites of Passage (2014)

“Thirteen Rites of Passage is what does best regarding an EM which is astride various styles without losing its identity”

1 Fluctuations Number Three 14:30
2 Thirteen Rites of Passage 11:37
3 A Train of Thought 10:49
4 Gentle Passages 7:42
5 Spine Transfer Dotcom 8:52
6 The Goddess of the Amber Trees 12:55
7 Fluctuations Number One 10:28

SynGate | CD-r MB03 (CD-r 76:56) ****
(Mix of techno, IDM, cosmic rock, ambient and Berlin School)
He is quite resourceful this Michael Brückner. As much comfortable with the classic Berlin School, like in the ambient style and rhythms of modern EM, he shows his very big versatility in “Thirteen Rites of Passage” which is a real mosaic of furious rhythms and of meditative electronic moods that the German synthman has presented during various appearances on stage, or during rehearsals, and on more intimate concerts called Living Room Concerts in 2013. If I was pleasantly surprised by the very beautiful Sparrows, “Thirteen Rites of Passage” didn't left me on my appetite. It's a superb album where Michael Brückner is the architect of around 80 minutes of music with harmonies very near Edgar Froese's register which caress sometimes stormy and sometimes softly rhythms where the spectre of Klaus Schulze feeds Michael Brückner's very creative imagination.
A slow black shadow leads a cloud of waves to the obsessing shape and to the colors of melancholy. "Fluctuations Number Three" is float between our loudspeakers with a thick cloud of morphic layers which poison themselves of lethal kisses. An intrusive vampiric wave isolates this arrhythmic movement which rebels by freeing a pleiad of white noises as well as a horde of sequenced ions of which the nervous palpitations get agglutinate in a wild static movement. Unexpected percussions harpoon the rising rhythm of "Fluctuations Number Three" which runs furiously in a sort of a big e-rock. This lively electronic ride is flogged by synth solos as much acuteness as creative, caressed by orchestral mists and pecked by baroque cracklings before laying down the rhythmic arms and getting lost in the rather cosmic introduction of "Thirteen Rites of Passage". The stars shiver here, creating a rainy mood of which the crystalline drops sing more that they fall. Some soft orchestral waves invite each other in this static dance, pushing the title-track towards a slow cosmic ballet filled of scarlet nuances. One would say Tomita on
Software. And like in "Fluctuations Number Three", a rhythm appearing out of the void catapults "Thirteen Rites of Passage" near a finely jerky circular structure with ions which skip in the shadows of all, so creating a very electronic rhythmic harmonic figure which crawls under a cosmic thick cloud of synth streaks. "A Train of Thought" retrieves these fragments of stars lost in the introduction of the title-track to make them sing in a kind of a very attractive musical cannon filled of so many electronic charms. Soon, the rhythm shakes its frenzy with a nervous sequencer which activates its keys in a boiling movement of staccato whose feverish velocity accompanies astonishingly the delicate march of the crystalline arpeggios from the opening. This pulsatory rhythm filled of adrenalin and of abrupt beatings feed its fury with a serial of heavy oscillations, driving "A Train of Thought" towards a heavy and furious electronic cosmic rock which goes up and goes down vertiginously under a sky copper-colored of acid synth pads and choruses a bit celestial. After a soft intrusion into a more contemplative universe with "Gentle Passages", Michael Brückner takes on the clothes that Klaus Schulze has tidy just before his adventure with Lisa Gerrard,
 with a solid and very catchy electronic techno where "Spine Transfer Dotcom" spreads its rhythm of IDM in an electronic pattern with cosmic flavors."The Goddess of the Amber Trees" is a long ambient track which pours in the introduction of "Fluctuations Number One". A little bit long, this track can mislay a listener who does not appreciate that much the ambient structures. But when that the first sequences shake "Fluctuations Number One", “Thirteen Rites of Passage” ends its versatile electronic odyssey with a superb structure of rhythm, once again very harmonious, where jumping ions with tones of soft wood are falling at eye-dropper in the oscillations of black pulsations to create a delicious fusion between cosmic techno and IDM. Even there, we cannot ignore the influences of Klaus Schulze with a series of synth solos, as it does rarely too much since a few years, which are painting brightly a heavy electronic ambience.
Michael Brückner is an emerging artist to be taken very seriously . “Thirteen Rites of Passage” is what does best regarding an EM which is astride various styles without losing its identity. Even if we do not like techno or IDM, or still the ambient or the cosmic rock, the way Brückner brings us where he wants is in the purest subtlety and delicacy here. We fall and we say to ourselves: WoW! And this feeling arrives 6 times on 7 tracks, showing all the depth of an album to the thousand nuances.

Here is a link for a video trailer of this album:
Sylvain Lupari (June 17th, 2013) &

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