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ART OF INFINITY: New Horizon (2000)

“New Horizon is a short and sweet invitation to a universe of EM which still bathes in its very Floydish progressive shield”

1 The Dragons Flight 1:25
2 Ocean in Space 4:20
3 Written in the Sand 3:35
4 Three Days Winter 8:45
5 Evolution 21:04 
ATM Records 5405 (CD 39:21)

(Mix of Progressive and ambient EM)
With the quite recent rerelease, in a digital format, of Evolution (Parts 1-4), I have to talk to you about its genesis; the “New Horizon” album. This first album of Art Of Infinity places the group of Thorsten Sudler-Manz and Thorsten Rentsch on the borders of an EM which still bathes in its very Floydish progressive shield.
And the album starts slowly with a foggy and vaporous synth which crosses the very melancholic breezes of a wandering saxophone. Moreover this union between synths and saxophone is the cornerstone of
Art Of Infinity's harmonious side which manages well enough the blend these two sonic antagonists under the same musical sky without altering anything of its finished product. So, "The Dragon Flight" enters in our ears in the shape of a short ambient track which introduces an album whose vibes are oscillating between some sweet harmonies and more ambiguous movements. Then comes "Ocean in Space" which floats on the fog of a sibylline Mellotron and some sweet voices as much strangely as so sensual. A movement of percussions a la Vangelis surprises the bewitching slowness of a movement which becomes intensified and livens up on a nice duel of synth and guitar. "Written in the Sand" brings us back into the ambient and mysterious universe of Art Of Infinity. Thorsten Sudler-Mainz tells a poem about love while some ethereal mist of a poetic synth and breaths of a nostalgic saxophone are floating over some arpeggios struck like chords of a xylophone. The rhythm becomes heavier with hypnotic percussions in the opening of "Three Days Winter" where a semi-sung voice haunts the ambiences. The tempo breaks suddenly to let hatch an ambient structure filled of heterogeneous tones. Then a strange mood settles down with a keyboard which throws some syncopated jolts and a howler sax on a movement pulled between its rhythm and its non-rhythm and where a kind of sensualism always finds its place. As I wrote before, this is music where the oniricity and the harmonies live on structures as much melodious than heterogeneous. "Evolution" doesn't need another presentation. Please, take the time to read the review I just wrote and you'll see how beautiful it could be. 
New Horizon” is a short and sweet invitation to the universe of
Art Of Infinity. The strength of this album lies in the outstanding track which is Evolution. This is the front door of a universe with lot of Pink Floyd moods mixed or lost in great ambient but melodic phases. A universe that will charm even more with the very beautiful, and more complete, Dimension Universe.
Sylvain Lupari (June 24th, 2014) &

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