jeudi 17 avril 2014

CODE INDIGO: The MELTdown Concert (2014)

“The MELTdown Concert is a superb mix of a great music from Code Indigo and the images which were floating with creativity in the head of Nigel Turner-Heffer”

AD Music| AD 140DVD (DVD 86:00) ****

We see the quartet which fades out behind a valence of ice which drops its gouts as it melts. A room in a somber building. Garbage scattered everywhere. Waste, excesses of the humanity. And behind these images floats the idle introduction of "Welcome to the Asylum". “The MELTdown Concert” is a very audacious project which rests essentially on the quality of the visual effects and graphics, which are interlace and melt themselves on a big screen behind Code Indigo, when the famous English progressive EM group has played the unique performance of MELTdown at the E-Day Festival in Oirschot, Netherlands, on April 6th 2013. The music is essentially the same. Intros and outros vary. Shortening or lengthening some tracks without modifying really the spirit of the album. Except that “The MELTdown Concert” is not essentially a video of Code Indigo in concert, although we rather see quite often the group in action. It's a DVD which groups all the stories, imagined and set in graphics by Nigel Turner-Heffer, which hide behind every piece of music of the MELTdown album. And these graphics are amazingly beautiful. The space, the real world, the money, stock exchange, big computers and health business. Everything is magnificently well designed and inter-connected with sharpness in the main lines of this concept album from Code Indigo which denounced mainly the financial greediness of a society which eats itself from the inside. And these images, these Nigel Turner-Heffer's visions melt themselves, coming from the ice or from the fire, marvellously with the shots of the quartet, dressed very soberly, which reconstituted splendidly this very beautiful album which is MELTdown.
I really enjoyed watching “The MELTdown Concert” and I really think that it should serve as reference in what concerns the future productions of this kind. It's a very beautiful DVD where the music serves the cause of Nigel Turner-Heffer's intuitivity. And the fusion between graphics, visual effects, short films and the images of the group in concert is just in time. There are no lengths. We see just enough of
Code Indigo and the music is the real star and not the contrary. And above everything, we can now see this very beautiful album with a dimension that we did not even dare to image in our head. Very well made and it goes great on my big HD TV screen... a little as if I was there.
Sylvain Lupari (April 17th, 2014) &
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