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DEUTSCHE BANK: Auto Pop (E.P. 2013)

“Auto Pop is a pleasant finf for those who like some strong techno-pop à la Kraftwerk with a rhythmic sauce a bit diluted in the very harmonious synth-pop”

1 Unterwegs in meinem Saab 4:41
2 Frankfurt am Main 2:56
3 Cities 3:05
4 Cüber Mensch 6:36
5 (Don't Stop) Autopop 2:28
6 Benzin 1:55
7 92001 4:52

ITunes Music (DDL 26:34) ***½
(Upbeat Düsseldorf EM style)
Here is an interesting discovery for those who like some strong techno-pop à la Kraftwerk with a rhythmic sauce a bit diluted in the very harmonious synth-pop. I'm not a fan of the genre but I have to admit that I let myself easily seduce by this “Auto Pop” from Deutsche Bank. A project from Mats From which saw the light of day at the beginning of 2009, Deutsche Bank is inspired by the electro-pop years when groups such as Logic System, Ultravox, Gary Numan and Human League have softened the heavinesses technoïd structures from the Düsseldorf's quartet. “Auto Pop” is the first E.P. from Deutsche Bank and offers around thirty minutes of very lively EM where the recollections of Kraftwerk, you have to hear "(Don't Stop) Autopop", go hand in hand with the robotics harmonies and the candy-pink of the beautiful years of the synth-pop.
"Unterwegs in meinem Saab" begins “Auto Pop” with heavy sequenced pulsations which hammer a leaden rhythm. Arpeggios are fluttering of their organic tones while the synth spreads veils of prisms. A vocoder assumes the cyborgnetic part of the melody while the rhythm hops up and down in harmony with the neurotic chirping of the arpeggios. A stroboscopic approach on a structure of rhythm which loses some short seconds in an ambient phase, the rhythm of "Unterwegs in meinem Saab" is as much heavy as its melody can be volatile. This is some good synth-pop which is going to disturb the yard of the neighbors if we play it loud. "Frankfurt am Main" offers a delicious melody struck by minimalist sequences which sing in discreet synthesized clouds. The approach is even more attractive when a 2nd melodic line is grafted, pushing "Frankfurt am Main" towards a circular rhythm as much melodious as lively. We are in the dances and the harmonies of robots. And it is even more convincing with the curt rhythm of "Cities"; a good boosted electro-pop. Yes, that sings but it's very lively. I really hooked on this. This and on "Cüber Mensch", where we stuff ourselves with Gary Numan's memories of cold beats sat on Kraftwerk structures, and on "(Don't Stop) Autopop". After the short and sweet candy-pop of"Benzin", "92001" reveals a soft cosmic intro before awakening our senses with a solid robotics electro-pop. The rhythm is heavy and anchored on percussions from which the beatings are lifting up arpeggios to the colors of a break dance very jerky while a vocoder and a human voice scatter their thoughts in a beautiful harmonious envelope tinted by miles sound prisms.
I'm not ashamed to admit it; I quite enjoyed this “Auto Pop” by Deutsche Bank. I don't know if I was in the mood for it, but it goes well beneath my skin and I liked these curt and nervous rhythms fed by percussions and sequences which whip lively rhythms. This is good techno-pop where the roots of Kraftwerk are skillfully dipped into these structures of New wave and synth-pop of the 80's. Now, infos could be hard to find on the net (mainly because of the name)  but you can try on Itunes for a 30 minutes of nice and hammered synth-pop.

Sylvain Lupari (March 3rd, 2014) &
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