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ERIK WOLLO: Timelines (2014)

“With its subtle variations of a same melodic pattern on multiples rhythmic forms, Timelines remains a soft and poetic album which hooks our senses at each track”
1 Inception 6:39
2 Blue Rondo 7:01
3 Color of Mind 5:01
4 Visions 6:11
5 Pathfinder 7:29
6 Spirit of the Place 5:15
7 Along the Journey 6:39
8 Timescape 4:54
9 Ocean 5:20

Projekt | PRO00298 (CD/DDL 54:34) ****
(Ambient and melodic tribal soundscapes EM)
Layers of synth are making chime carillons of which the ringings are scattering in the singings of opaque winds. "Inception" reveals its sad melodic envelope with fine notes of an acoustic guitar which scratch a shagreen crying in the notes of a meditative piano. These notes fall like tears on the stone floor of melancholy, flooding our senses of a ghostly melody of which the blue breaths squeak such as metallic tears that the six-strings of Wollo torture of its plaintive solos. Ambient, the rhythm of "Inception" succumbs to the theatrical dramatic approach of his designer in order to marry a lunar down-tempo where the tears of the guitar melt themselves in the tears of a piano as so solitary that its sorrow. Ah... The music of Erik Wollo! His melodies float like spectres whose translucent euphonies roam in timeless tunnels where the layers of synths and the tears of guitars merge together into floating and evasive musical mosaics. Following the romantic and melancholic sweetnesses of his wonderful and dark Airborne (2012/PRO00278), Erik Wollo comes back haunting our senses, and our ears, with “Timelines” and its 9 music pieces of which the soft melodic patterns intertwine and kiss with fine variations in their approaches on rhythms sometimes ambient, clanic and lunar.
On a ghost tempo, where the percussions click like the drummings of a clock assaulted by a convoluted debit, "Blue Rondo" drinks the harmonious and dramatic model of "Inception". It's crazy like everything can be so alike and seem so clearly different in the universe of 
Wollo . Let's take "Color of Mind" and "Timescape". Even if the rhythmic envelopes are totally opposite, the melancholic fusion of the guitar and the piano forges the same melodic bases as those found on "Inception" and "Blue Rondo". But let's say it straightaway that "Timescape" is a wonderful morphic sweetness, even if the misty "Ocean" brings us to one thousand places of us. "Visions" distances itself by its approach closer to the ballad style with a solitary rhythm which makes tap our hand on our thigh while we contemplate the wind whistle far in a sky decorated by shy sonic dawns. The piano always leaves its imprint of melancholy on a melody always so black, while the rhythm perspires of its uncertainty between its frenzy repressed by tenderness and its desire to merge in a lunar decoration. This piano haunts all the structures of “Timelines”. Whether it's with the delicate tribal and spectral approaches of "Spirit of the Place" and "Along the Journey", it watches at musical horizon drawn by synth layers and by the ghostly solos of guitar and dives into our feelings like tears delicately sculpted in sadness. "Pathfinder" breaks rank in this herd of nomadic dreamers with a clearly more sharpened rhythm. On this track, Erik Wollo is visibly inspired by Steve Roach's clanic works with a structure of rhythm more neurotic than hovering where glide and moan tears and layers of this delicious union between synths and six-strings. This is very good, just like the whole of “Timelines” which, if offers some fine variations on same themes, or more or less, possesses this little something which hooks and this at each title. And this is all of the charms from Erik Wollo's splendid musical universe.

Sylvain Lupari (February 15th, 2014) &
Cette chronique est également disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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