jeudi 23 janvier 2014

BEST Of 2013

Doing a countdown best albums is rather difficult. I think that this way of doing things is outdated and may be interpreted on the wrong  way by many artists, fans and columnists. But I've been asked all the time ''what are my best albums of the year?''. So here is a list of the best albums in 2013, according to my tastes and to the reactions gathered here and there. 2013 is a year where I listened to mostly 250 albums and I wrote about 230 reviews. The choice is huge but I'll try to be consistent with my opinions. The list is split in 3 categories, if needed:

-Berlin School and progressive styles of EM
-Dark ambient Music
-Best newcomers of the year

And remember: I'M NOT GOD!

Best albums Berlin School and progressive styles
1 Pyramid Peak  Anatomy
 You can taste a bit of it here: Iceland
2 Bernd Kistenmacher Utopia
3 MoonSatellite Low Life
4 Klaus Schulze Shadowlands
5 Steve Roach Live Transmission - From the Drone Zone at Soma FM

6 Axess Aviator
7 Ian Boddy Liverdelphia
8 Johan Tronestam Roots and Legends from the North
9 E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr Kometenbahn
Bertrand Loreau et Olivier Briand Interferences

11 Steve Roach At the Edge of Everything
12 Paul Lawler Opus

Best Newcomers in 2013
Beyond Berlin Music for Cosmic Nights
E-Tiefengrund Voltige Sessions

Best Dark Ambient albums
Ian Boddy Sepulchre
Shane Morris and Mystified Emergence

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